What is a reasonable amount to ask for after being hit by a semi-truck in Bergen County, New Jersey?

West Palm Beach, FL – There are a number of ways that accident victims can try to get assistance with paying for various losses after a car collision. In the immediate aftermath, it is important to get medical treatment and ensure that the accident scene is secured by local law enforcement. Once a victim is safe and has time to review their situation, they will normally need to contact their insurance company as soon as possible. They can determine which losses will be covered under their active policy. Some victims may need additional assistance beyond their insurance coverage, usually due to coverage limits. People in this situation may need to bring a civil lawsuit to be compensated for things like lost income and missed time from work, along with the costs associated with long term medical care. 

The insurance claim process

While all drivers are required to have certain coverage amounts under Florida law, the specifics of their policies can vary greatly depending on their provider and if additional protection is purchased. All drivers who were involved in a collision should notify their insurance company and see if a claim is necessary. In most cases, the insurance claim process is meant to cover property repairs for the vehicle and several thousand dollars worth of the driver’s liability. Serious accidents usually require lawsuits in addition to insurance claims to pay for medical costs, as the limits on most auto insurance policies will not cover extensive medical costs. 

Personal injury firms and lawyers

An injury attorney may be necessary for some victims who have experienced significant financial losses due to medical treatment, or constant ongoing pain and medical issues after their accident. Healthcare costs can quickly add up, and someone who has needed to visit a doctor or specialist multiple times, as well as make hospital visits may suddenly find that they are dealing with large bills that need to be paid. 

If the victim wants to be compensated, they will have to prove that the person who caused the accident was negligent. This means that the defendant was not careful enough on the roads, and that they were the direct cause of the victim’s losses. The lawyer can then argue that the defendant owes an amount of damages that are comparable to the costs of treatment and lost wages. This is completed either through a settlement agreement or trial. 

Speaking with a lawyer about the process to bring a lawsuit

Anyone who needs legal assistance after an accident in the West Palm Beach area can contact an attorney for more information. Smith and Vanture is an experienced firm that helps clients with filing cases and receiving the most compensation allowed under state law. 

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