Camden, NJ – There are a number of different types of accidents that can happen to people as they do things like work and travel on a daily basis. Motor vehicle collisions are very common sources of injuries, and there are even some less foreseeable problems that can suddenly change someone’s life. After an injury, it is important for victims to retain the right kind of legal assistance. This can be the difference between receiving a substantial sum of money from a settlement agreement or jury verdict, versus missing out on an opportunity to receive substantial compensation and return to normalcy. 

The services of a personal injury law firm

Personal injury law is the broad term for the process that accident victims utilize which can include filing a negligence case in the local civil courts with assistance from an attorney. This usually includes an initial consultation with the victim after the collision at the firm, filing pleadings to start an action in the court system, the discovery process to exchange information between the plaintiff and defendant, and the conclusion of the case through a settlement agreement or trial. 

One of the most important things a firm does is to argue for damages based on the severity of the accident. This can include compensation for things like medical treatment, lost wages, vehicle repairs, and other issues created by the defendant. Non-economic damages related to emotional pain and suffering are also a large part of a victim’s compensation after some accidents. The injury lawyer can argue that the victim’s reduced quality of life, along with emotional trauma and pain caused by the accident should be quantified into an amount that is relative to the serious nature of their suffering. 

Experienced personal injury firms in the Camden area

Some firms have extensive experience dealing with injury cases and helping clients of all backgrounds. Benedetto Legal Associates has assisted clients in a wide array of cases. Some of their previous personal injury clients have included individuals injured in high speed collisions on interstate highways. One of these victims suffered from permanent hearing loss, but was compensated substantially through insurance claims and other processes. 

The firm has also dealt with situations such as multiple vehicles involved in the same collision, slip and fall injuries, and even contaminated food cases. Expert testimony is utilized when necessary to prove specific deviations from the required standard of care to the jury, or provide more specific, technical details about medical treatment. 

Consulting with new potential clients

Anyone who has been involved in an accident in the Camden area has the option of contacting an experienced injury lawyer. Benedetto Legal Associates is available to consult with victims about the possibility of bringing a civil case. 

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