Charleston, SC – When someone is involved in a car accident, their insurance company can take a number of different actions, including raising rates. However, the policy holder should not let this deter them from filing claims or a lawsuit, as insurance claims and civil cases can become an important form of compensation. The driver’s insurance rates are often also affected by a number of factors that are not totally under their control. 

What causes car insurance rates to go up?

One of the most common ways that an insurance rate will go up is being involved in any accident. Insurance providers generally think that a driver who has been in more accidents is a higher risk for future payouts. 

Traffic tickets, along with various violations and citations are another factor. Someone who has a long traffic record will normally be considered a higher accident risk and have to pay higher rates. This is because when a driver speeds, makes illegal lane changes, or gets a serious offense such as reckless driving or DUI, it is likely that they will get into an accident at some point in the near future if they are prone to these behaviors. 

Having a history of several claims can also cause the insurance premium to increase. This is true even for the driver who has submitted the claims was not at fault, and did not cause the accident. Unfortunately, car insurance companies will still consider a customer with a lot of claims and payouts an increased financial risk, even if the claims were because of the actions of another driver. 

Even credit scores have been used to affect a driver’s car insurance rate. The providers have used their data to find that people with lower credit scores also tend to be a higher accident risk, so they use credit scores to determine a rate. This may seem unfair or irrational, but it is nevertheless a factor for some insurance companies. 

Finding out if a lawsuit is the right decision after a car accident

Insurance companies cannot use the fact that a driver consulted with an attorney or exercised any other legal right as a way to increase their rates. An insurance company is not supposed to deter drivers from getting legal help if they need to do so. As a general rule, it is recommended that accident victims both file an insurance claim and schedule a meeting with a local lawyer. 

Getting legal assistance after a car accident and injuries

Anyone who is thinking about taking legal action related to their collision can talk with an auto accident lawyer in Charleston. The Clekis Law Firm helps people receive the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law to pay for their losses. 

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