Tree falls on tractor, kills 51-year old Hueytown man
A tree fall around 6 in the evening on Sunday in the proximity of 7600 block of Swindle Lane in Bessemer has resulted in the death of a 51-year old man from Hueytown. According to accident investigators, the man was riding in a tractor when the tree suddenly fell onto his tractor and he died as a result of the blunt force trauma.

As reported by, the man had to be identified by the Jefferson County Coroner’s Officer, who released his identity as 51-year old David Daniel Whatley from Hueytown.
Tragically, his girlfriend witnessed the freak accident, according to her, Whatley was working on moving some property using a tractor when the tree came crashing down on him. Emergency Medical Technicians that responded to her 911 call arrived on the scene to find Whatley trapped underneath the heavy tree and pulled his body out, they declared him dead at around 7 in the evening on Sunday.
Ex-UAB football player succumbs to injuries sustained in car accident
As reported by, a man identified as Greg Maclin, a former football player that represented the University of Alabama only last year, was killed in a car accident that occurred on Thursday last week. According to authorities the crash happened near Huntsville.
Investigators have confirmed that Maclin was not driving, He was an occupant of a Dodge Charger that was travelling in an easterly direction on Interstate 565 when it crashed into two other vehicles at considerably high speeds. All involved in the crash were transported to Huntsville hospital right away for treatment. Everyone but Maclin survived the crash with minor to moderate injuries. Maclin on the other hand, unfortunately, sustained serious life threatening injuries and health care professionals were unable to revive him.

An overwhelming number of people took to Twitter to send out messages of support and condolences to Maclin’s family. Most said that he was and always would be a part of the UAB family. Maclin was only 20 years old.
The dedicated and talented attorneys on the legal website that is kicking digital butt and take names ( cannot bring Maclin back to life but they can hammer the guilty party with a vicious civil suit.
Alabama – auto accident law
According to Jefferson Alabama accident attorneys, Alabama is a mandatory insurance state. What this means is that every citizen of the state is required to have all of their motor vehicles insured and must carry a copy of their insurance policy at all times while operating their respective vehicles.
Those that fail to provide proof that they are insured or are simply operating vehicles while being un-insured are understandably subjected to penalties under state law.
Jefferson Alabama accident attorneys say that the state reserves all rights to suspend such perpetrators’ driving licenses and even their vehicles. They may seize their cars and hold their drivers’ license until the accused person provides the state with all the necessary insurance paperwork along with the fines for not carrying them or not being insured.
In cases where an accident occurs and one of the drivers are not insured, they are held accountable for damages and may also be charged with a misdemeanor and issued fines and their drivers’ license maybe temporarily revoked for a maximum period of six months.

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