Adriane McCree’s Family Files Wrongful Death Suit After He Was Fatally Shot by Police While Handcuffed

It’s been several months since Adriane McCree, 28 was shot and killed by Chester police officers but it wasn’t until recently that body cam footage that caught part of the incident was released for the public to view. The 28-year-old’s family claims the footage “shows McCree was not a threat to officers,” hence deadly force should not have been applied. The Post and Courier says that the incident happened after McCree had visited a Walmart store in Chester, SC where he allegedly had taken a door handle that was valued at $45.87.

About two hours later, McCree returned to the store and was detained.

After being taken to Walmart’s loss prevention office and cuffed, an officer says McCree headbutted him and ran out of the store and into the parking lot. Officers allege McCree went to his vehicle where he retrieved a gun he had purchased earlier in the day from a pawn shop. The news source says that a chase broke out in the parking lot which ended with officers firing their weapons at McCree several times. The source says Officer Justin Baker shot his gun at least 13 times while Officer Nicholas Harris shot his at least 11 times.

After suffering a gunshot wound to the chest, McCree died in the Walmart parking lot. The source says the 28-year-old was handcuffed with his hands behind his back during the entire police chase.


Officers Accused McCree of Aiming His Weapon at Them


The two officers involved in the fatal shooting alleged McCree aimed his weapon at them which prompted them to fire. However, the attorney hired to represent McCree’s family says, “there is no way McCree could have aimed a gun at officers with his hands cuffed behind his back.” At the conclusion of the investigation, S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson declined to press charges against the officers.

Despite the decision that was made, family members and supports of McCree still believe he should not have been killed. Charlie Stringfellow, who is McCree’s grandfather, “took issue with the police’s use of force after an alleged shoplifting incident.” Stringfellow said, “People steal at Walmart every day. I’m mad. I’m upset because it could have been me. It could have been you.”


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