His body was eventually recovered and his identity later revealed.
About a month ago, rescue crews were called to a construction site at the Sky Harbor Airport after a hole opened up causing a drilling rig to topple over. When the rig came down, it fell on top of a construction worker who was then trapped underneath it. The rescue crews worked diligently for four days searching for the construction worker’s body until they were finally able to locate and recover it. The man who had been missing was identified as 52-year-old Melvin “Wayne” Self.
AZ Family reported that the accident occurred when the construction crew was working on the Sky Train guideway system at the airport. They had been digging holes that would hold concrete columns. The columns would support the track connecting Terminal three of the airport with the rental car area. But when the ground gave out, it caused the drilling rig to collapse and Self to fall into the hole.
AZ Central pointed out that when rescue crews began removing dirt from the accident site, the hole grew 75 feet wide and about 22 feet deep. Crews were said to have removed about 50 tons of dirt with multiple vacuum trucks, however, the ground was unstable so they had to operate very carefully around the site.
Over the period of time that rescue crews searched for Self’s body, his family struggled greatly with all the uncertainty that existed. But, once he was found and his identity was released to the public, his brother told AZ Family in a phone interview that he doesn’t want Self to be remembered as the “missing construction worker,” rather he wanted him to be remembered for who he was. Self’s brother told the source that he was a man who liked to fish and hunt and he “was full of life.” He went on to say that there wasn’t anything his brother couldn’t do and that he was “an awesome guy.”

Mesa, AZ accident lawyers

Many of the construction sites employees are required to work at are risky and rather dangerous which explains why the construction industry has so many accident claims filed.

A GoFundMe account was created on behalf of Wayne Self and in the description of the account, it states that Self’s last action was an act of bravery as he yelled for his coworkers to get away when the hole began to open up.  As for the unfortunate incident, Hensel Phelps, who is the contractor responsible for overseeing the Sky Train guideway work, plans to conduct a thorough investigation to determine what led to this accident occurring.
The truth is, construction sites are located everywhere and are among some of the most dangerous places to be. While some construction workers have to complete tasks 50 feet and even higher in the air, others have to work on the roadways alongside distracted and inattentive drivers which puts their lives at risk.
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