Yuma, AZ – Whenever someone is involved in an accident, financial issues related to missed time from work and medical treatment are often crucial for the victim. These sudden problems can affect the person’s ability to function and pay for all of their normal expenses. When a person is in this situation, they can contact an injury lawyer who can review the rules for damages in the state of Arizona with them. These rules determine how a victim can be paid and the amounts that they can collect if they win their case.  

The law of damages

Damages are the fourth element of a negligence case and the legal term for the payment that a victim can receive for their losses. Negligence cases essentially say that the defendant was not careful enough and caused various problems and injuries to the victims. 

The two main types of damages in civil cases

Compensatory damages are usually listed in things such as medical bills and records, wage statements for lost income, property repairs, and other documentation that can be used as evidence of financial losses. The accident attorney will add these losses together and argue that the client should be given a comparable amount from a verdict after a lawsuit or settlement if there is no trial.

Non-economic or pain and suffering damages function differently in Arizona. These are losses that are not as easy to quantify based on trauma and suffering tied to things like medical treatment, injuries, loss of companionship, or even loss of life if the injury is fatal. An attorney for the plaintiff will try to argue that the victim should be given an amount that is comparable to their injuries and adequate based on effects to their quality of life. 

Exceptions with immunity for government employees

There are also some exceptions to these rules under Arizona law. A government employee such as a public bus driver or truck driver cannot be made to pay punitive damages for lawsuits in the state. As long as the defendant was engaged in their normal job duties, the state does not allow tax dollars to be used to pay out additional damages to punish the defendant. Punitive damage awards will also generally be overturned in the state if the payout is several times larger than compensatory damages. 

Speaking with an injury lawyer to get more information

Accident victims can defend their rights by scheduling a meeting with a local personal injury lawyer and finding out if a civil lawsuit is necessary. Jon Schneider has extensive experience related to all kinds of accident cases, and his firm provides guidance throughout the process of filing and concluding a lawsuit. 

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