Alabama follows the contributory negligence law when it comes to car accidents. Contributory negligence is a tough rule that makes it difficult for drivers who contributed to the accident to get any form of compensation. According to the contributory negligence rule in Alabama, a person cannot gain monetary compensation if they had any part in contributing to the accident, even if they made just the slightest mistake.

Most other states follow the comparative fault rule which makes it easy for drivers to receive a settlement for as much of the accident was not their fault, but Alabama is an exception. However, a person should not feel discouraged as every case is unique. A car accident lawyer can help a person with the legalities of their case and can help them communicate with their insurer to try and secure a settlement, even if it is determined that they were somehow at fault for the accident in Abanda, Alabama.

Drivers who are completely innocent in an accident and who are the victim of another drivers negligence can more easily secure their settlement, but even they should make sure they follow the proper legal route to speed up their case processing time and to make sure they get enough settlement to cover all the losses they faced.

How long do I have to file my lawsuit?

A driver has two years after the accident to claim any injuries they faced. They have 6 years after the accident to claim for the damage done to their vehicle. If this statute of limitations is not followed properly, a person’s case will most probably be overlooked and not taken seriously by the court.

Right after an accident takes place, a person should call an attorney, so they do not miss any important deadlines and to increase their chances of receiving a fair settlement for their suffering. Car accident claims do not have to be very complicated, and if a person makes sure they start their legal process on the right foot then the chances of them having their case turn out in their favor are very high.

The sooner a person makes their car accident claim, the better it is for them because the chance of the other driver being available for communication, and all the evidence still being acceptable and preserved are much higher. The more evidence a driver can collect to prove the collision was the fault of the other driver, the better their chances of getting compensation. Since Alabama follows contributory negligence, a driver must collect as much evidence as possible to prove their innocence as well otherwise it will be very difficult to convince the insurer or the judge to cover the damages they suffered.