Has an accident recently occurred on your property where someone sustained an injury? Was this person someone other than you or those living with you? If so, your homeowner’s insurance might be able to help provide the compensation necessary to cover the injuries or damages caused.
The fact is, an accident can arise anywhere, and many do. Roadway accidents are some of the most common types of accidents that occur but what about when a child or guest becomes injured while present on your property? These things do happen and you should be aware of what actions you might need to take to ensure the injured victim is properly compensated.
While our Birmingham, Alabama accident attorneys are the best professionals to consult with regarding these types of matters, below is some useful information that might be able to help you if you are dealing with a similar circumstance.

What types of accidents might my homeowner’s insurance cover if I live in Birmingham?

If you weren’t aware, there are some homeowners’ insurance policies out there will cover accidents that occur both on and off your property. Obviously, you need to skim through your own personal policy as yours might differ from the next homeowner to see what exactly your policy will pay for.
But, if you find that you did purchase this coverage or it is included in your policy, some different types of accidents it might compensate for include:

  • A neighborhood child gets hurt while climbing on your fence, even if you warned them not to.
  • Your golf shot hit another player in the head.
  • You accidentally dump a hot plate of food on someone during a get together.

According to 360 Financial Literacy, a typical homeowners insurance policy will provide a limited amount of coverage for personal injuries or property damage you or those living with you might be legally responsible for. This coverage comes in two parts: personal liability and medical payments.

What will personal liability cover?

If a claim or lawsuit is filed against you that has arisen out of bodily injury or property damage from an accident that occurred on your property or away from your property, this coverage will protect you. The coverage may also pay for legal defense from a reputable Birmingham accident lawyer as well. Again, it depends on your particular policy so it is best to speak with an insurance agent who can better explain whether this coverage is included in your policy.
Most personal liability protection provides a minimum of $100,000 of coverage per occurrence, and many don’t carry a deductible.
In terms of medical payments, your insurance policy might provide payment for “medical expenses incurred by people accidentally injured on your property, regardless of fault, up to policy limits.”
Something else to be cognizant of is that your homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover acts that were intentional. If you meant to harm someone or do something that would cause them to suffer an injury, you likely aren’t going to receive any sort of support from your insurer.

Our accident lawyers in Birmingham, AL can represent you

Now that you are aware that your homeowner’s insurance might compensate for various types of accidents that occur on and off your property, if you need legal advice or guidance with your matter, our Birmingham, AL accident lawyers can supply you with this and much more.
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