While there are numerous auto insurance companies in the city of Mobile, Alabama that offer policies to consumers, you should become aware of how your auto insurance handles accident claims in the event an incident arises. You should also be familiar with your policy and the limits stated within it to ensure you know what is and is not covered after an accident has occurred.
Although an insurance agent can explain what your coverage is, our accident lawyers in Mobile, AL can dig deeper into what your accident is truly worth so you can be sure your insurer is actually providing you with a fair amount for the damages incurred.

How will my insurance company handle a claim?

To provide you with some insight as to how some insurance companies might handle a claim that is filed, below is a breakdown of how the company Geico investigates insurance claims they receive. While the other companies might handle these investigations in a different manner, the purpose of this information is to simply give you some insight so you know more or less what you might experience.
The first thing Geico does after an accident has been reported is they assign a liability examiner to investigate the accident thoroughly. The process the liability examiner goes through is called the liability investigation. Some of the steps the examiner takes during this process to ensure they receive all the pertinent facts they will need are presented below.

  1. The liability examiner is going to review the insurance policy as well as the coverage to determine what types of damage or injuries are covered. They will only use the policy that is in effect so be sure that if you always renew your same policy that you double check to ensure all your limits and coverage is still the same.
  2. The liability examiner will then contact all parties involved including the drivers, passengers, and witnesses. They do this so they can collect information from each person for their take on the accident.
  3. Should there be any disputes or discrepancies with each party’s story, the liability examiner will conduct in-depth interviews to help them get to the bottom of the accident.
  4. The liability examiner will then gather relevant information such as the police report, any applicable state and local traffic laws, and photos of the scene of the accident.
  5. It is then time for the examiner to consider all the facts and information they have received so they can make a decision with how the claim is going to be handled.

If you find that their decision isn’t accurate you can always request that the insurer re-examine the decision or allow one of our skilled and well-versed accident attorneys in Mobile, AL handle this for you.
While the claims process might be similar for many car accident claims, not all accident injuries are the same nor should they be treated the same. If you were recently involved in an accident in the city of Mobile, AL and are looking for more information that can help you with your accident case, schedule your free-consultation with a recommended Mobile accident lawyer featured on our site. You only want the best handling your case and our lawyers are some of the top performing lawyers in the field.