Bodily injury liability insurance is something every Alaska driver must have. This form of coverage pays for any damages you cause to another driver in the event you engage in an accident and were the cause of it. For instance, if you accidentally ran a red light or bumped the back of a vehicle and caused the other driver to suffer from whiplash, your insurance generally will cover these damages you caused. The same applies if a driver hits you. They too will be required to cover any damages they brought on as well.
If you live in Anchorage and were involved in an accident, whether it was a pedestrian-related incident or a car wreck, our accident lawyers in Anchorage are capable of helping you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.

How much bodily liability insurance do I need to carry in Alaska?

If you are a resident of Anchorage, Alaska, you are required to carry $50,000 for bodily injury or death and $100,000 for total bodily injury when multiple people have suffered injuries. While you can add more coverage, these are the minimums you need to have.  Now, just because drivers are required to carry this type of insurance doesn’t mean they do nor does it imply that their insurer is going to reimburse you for medical bills and vehicle repairs. This is why some call upon our Anchorage accident lawyers who can get stubborn insurance companies to pay up.
There are many instances where insurance companies are non-compliant and make you pay for accidents you didn’t even cause. Because insurance can become a bit confusing and you might not be sure whether or not an insurer is acting unfairly, your best bet is to speak with one of our attorneys who specializes in accident law who can assess your situation and determine if their help is needed.

What can a third party claim as bodily injury?

Let’s say you were the cause of the accident and the third party who was involved is filing a claim against you. You might be concerned with what they are going to claim and how much that might cost you if your policy won’t pick up the expense.
According to Value Penguin, there are a few different types of expenses that a third party can file against your insurance policy and these include:

  • Any bills for visits to the hospital, follow-up care visits, or any other medical or health care they were required to receive as a result of the accident. To ensure a third party isn’t taking advantage of your insurance coverage, let one of our accident attorneys in Anchorage review the claims as this is an issue that sometimes arises out of an auto accident.


  • Loss of wages from being unable to work. If the accident resulted in someone not being able to work which in turn caused them to lose out on income, this can be filed against your policy as well.


  • Any legal fees. This might depend on your particular policy but check with one of our injury lawyers in Anchorage first before assuming that your insurer is going to cover these costs in the event the third-party elects to take on legal counsel.

Accidents often bring upon hardships, whether they are physical or financial. If you were involved in any sort of accident, aside from just car crashes, give us a call today and we can help you find a local attorney in Anchorage who specifically specializes in accident law who can ensure you receive the help and guidance you need.