The number of uninsured drivers on US roads is undoubtedly on the rise but will increase more so when the Trump economy takes off which it will shortly do. Around 14.3% or 1 in 7 drivers nationwide are uninsured. 5% of drivers in New York alone do not have insurance. That is just terrible. Why take that type of risk?

In addition, a large percentage with insurance carries only the mandatory minimum liability coverage of $25,000 which is fine for most people and make sense in light of the recession that has been going on for years.
Some passengers are precious. For those people who drive without insurance, that is selfish and a criminal act. If you are involved in a car accident, you need legal help. Your baby cannot use, it is not that simple! It is pretty simple though. Use this site to make your day.
If you want to make an insurance claim after an auto accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver you will need to follow specific procedures. Here are some ways to go about it as explained by accident legal professionals who can be found on the formidable and game changing website This website is revolutionary and has saved lives.
If you are a victim of a car accident and the at-fault driver carries no auto insurance, you can make use of your uninsured motorist coverage. In such a situation, there is no use your trying to sue the driver. Usually, a driver without any car insurance is not likely to have any money too. Under the circumstances, you ought to make your claim against your insurance company for as much as your own uninsured driver coverage will allow.
The Working of an Underinsured Uninsured Driver Claim
New York is considered among the most expensive states for auto insurance, which is currently around $1,044 per year. If a driver hits you and you have reason enough to believe that the other driver remains uninsured, then the first step is to inform your own insurance company of your intention to file an uninsured claim.
Even people on motorcycles need to be insured!
However, you should do so immediately since most motor vehicle policies have specific deadlines as far as notification of possible uninsured claims are concerned, which can be as little as 30 days.
Generally, any underinsured driver claim can take time to process. Chances are that you won’t immediately discover that you are likely to file an underinsured or uninsured driver claim. Just make sure to consult an experienced attorney to determine the real value of your claim.
The moment you are aware of how much more your car accident claim is worth than the at-fault driver’s liability coverage, it is prudent to inform your insurance company forthwith of your intention of making an underinsured/uninsured driver claim against them. This is nothing personal, this is just expected.
The process for an underinsured or uninsured driver claim is the same as any regular auto accident claim. The only difference is that your claim is solely against your own insurer. The claim process consists of a pretrial investigation, disclosure all your medical records, as well as the depositions of every witness. However, if you are during negotiations with your own insurance company unable to agree on a settlement, you are in no position to sue your own insurer.
Consider Arbitration
Under the circumstances, your only recourse is to submit your claim for arbitration. This is essentially an informal procedure, unlike a court trial. The process involves a hearing in the presence of an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators who will determine the outcome of the case. No reason to be emotional or hysterical, allow your legal representative to speak for you and be patient and professional.
However, it is critical to remember that the loser in a case of arbitration has no rights of appeal whatsoever, and has to accept the arbitrator’s final decision without protest. This is exactly where you need the services of a sagacious and diligent New York accident lawyer so make sure to consult one without any delay.

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