A Central Louisiana company recently held a celebration in its honor for something many other companies are unable to do. DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations, which is a Crest Industries Company, celebrated five years of being accident-free. While it might not sound like much of an accomplishment, the fact that the company provides services and high voltage package substations to the electrical utility industry reveals how risky this line of work really is.
In an effort to show its appreciation to employers and staff, the company hosted a crawfish boil at their factory in Alexandria, LA where everyone came together to recognize one another for their commitment to the company and their ability to remain accident-free for such a long period of time. The DIS-TRAN President, Brad Fontenot, issued a statement saying “Safety doesn’t happen accidentally. We believe in our hearts here at DIS-TRAN that it happens because we take the necessary precautions every day to run our operations safely. You can put rules and procedures in place, and those are important. But at the end of the day, it has to be in the hearts and the minds of our employees every day when they come to work that they want to take care of the guy on the side of them, and they do things the right way and the safest way” [Source: KALB].
The truth is, remaining accident-free for five subsequent years is a major accomplishment for DIS-TRAN as work accidents tend to occur all too frequently. According to Fortune, in 2015, “nearly 3 million people suffered an employer-reported illness or injury.” More than half of these injuries or ill workers were required to take days off from work, transfer jobs, or became restricted in their work abilities. Unfortunately, there are many dangerous industries in which employees are more susceptible to engaging in an accident and those who work at DIS-TRAN have managed to avoid making mistakes that could lead to injuries and even death.

Which industries are more accident-prone?


  1. Air transportation.This includes aircraft and helicopter flights and workers.
  2. Wood product manufacturing.Jobs that involve sawing, planning, shaping, laminating and assembling wood products are all considered to be among the riskiest jobs.
  3. Couriers and messengers.
  4. Nursing and residential care facilities.
  5. Air production


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Employers and their staff must abide by the rules and procedures if they want to decrease the chances of an accident occurring, especially in the industries mentioned above.

Although Fortune didn’t add construction into the top five, it definitely deserves a spot as many construction workers sustain injuries in accidents on a frequent basis.
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