A legal representative for Amtrak has admitted that the company will not contest the lawsuits against it and will bear all the economic and non-economic damages that have been caused as a result of a train derailment in Philadelphia, as reported by claimsjournal.com. Currently, a staggering 26 lawsuits name Amtrak as the principal defendants in connection with the train crash.

The crash is said to have killed 8 passengers and left over a dozen other passengers with moderate – severe injuries. If you have a claim and have not yet found a hardworking and salient Philadelphia accident attorney, USAttorneys.com is where you should be.
Amtrak also did not deny that the train was speeding when it crashed; they agreed that it was indeed travelling at a higher speed than allowed (106 mph). Amtrak has released a statement saying it will pay for damages for everyone injured and deserving of damages.
An accident attorney representing some of the passengers in the lawsuit has praised Amtrak for their upfront honesty, and the fact that they have admitted to the negligence. The attorney said in an interview that he waits to see if Amtrak will stay true to their words and actually compensate everyone that has been injured and all the families that have lost loved ones.

Lawsuit stems from duck boat crash, tour operator sued, one fatality reported
A civil lawsuit has named a tour bus operator, the manufacturer of the tour bus and the city of Philadelphia as defendants. The lawsuit revolves around an incident that occurred in May of this year and killed a 68 year old woman identified as Elizabeth Karnicki, according to philly.com.
The complaint was lodged by the family of the decedent who claim that the rides are very risky and should be discontinued. The suit alleges that the vehicle has huge blind spots which make it a ticking time bomb.
Why take the ride if it is unsafe?
The vehicles can operate both under water and on land. However, experts say the land operation of the vehicle is risky as the driver is positioned almost ten feet from the front tip of the vehicle and this greatly inhibits the driver’s vision. To make things worse, supposedly, the driver of the ride was also engaged with keeping the passengers entertained which meant he could not pay complete attention to his surroundings and therefore lacked situational awareness.
The city of Philadelphia has been named in the suit, because apparently, the crossing signal provided at the intersection where the accident occurred was inadequate.
Pennsylvania accident and personal – injury laws
Pennsylvania has a customized version of the no-fault law when it comes to auto accidents. A typical no-fault state will not allow parties involved in the accident to sue the alleged negligent driver. They will be compensated for damages by their auto insurers and are thus legally obligated to have a minimum amount of insurance.
However, Pennsylvania state law allows drivers to choose whether they will go the no-fault way or whether they will press the button or choose traditional tort liability law, in which case they will need to file a civil lawsuit and prove that the other party was negligent and therefore caused the accident.
In either case, it is extremely important to appoint a qualified and experienced Philadelphia accident attorney that will know how to deal with auto-insurers and will also know what course of action to take in case you decide to sue the other driver.

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