Amtrak Train Diverts onto Wrong Track and Crashes into Unmanned Freight Train in SC

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The Amtrak train system has been used for years now to transport individuals and goods from city to city and even from state to state. Recently, however, the Amtrak train has become a bit of an unreliable mode of transportation as there have been two major accidents that have occurred just weeks apart. The first tragic accident transpired back in December in DuPont, WA when the train derailed and hurled off an overpass. But just one day ago, we were hit with the news that yet another occurred in Cayce, South Carolina. Two people have reportedly died as a result of the train accident and 116 were sent to the hospital after suffering from the injuries they sustained.


What caused the Amtrak train to divert off onto the wrong tracks in Cayce?


This is a question many likely have, especially those who elect to travel using Amtrak. According to CNN, the Amtrak Train 91 was traveling early Sunday morning down its tracks and while it should have continued straight, “the rail switch had been manually set to divert the train onto the track where an unmanned CSX train was parked.” Because the tracks were being manually operated, “a padlock held the switch in its alignment” and the train was forced onto this new track that it wasn’t scheduled to run on. Richard Anderson, who is the CEO and president of Amtrak, told CNN “that the signal system along the section of track where the crash occurred was down” which was why the tracks were being manually controlled by CSX.

As a result of the train being diverted, it collided with the CSX freight train causing the lead engine and some of the seven-passenger cars to derail. That train had just unloaded a shipment of automobiles and was empty. Aside from the fact this accident caused several to suffer from injuries and was responsible for killing the train engineer and the conductor, it also spilled about 5,000 gallons of fuel. Authorities did, however, say that the spill was no threat to the public.

It was also announced that the investigation that will be conducted to determine why this accident occurred could take anywhere between 12 to 18 months for it to conclude. One of the things that are going to be investigated is why that switch was aligned that way. The video footage taken from the front of Amtrak Train 91 was also recovered and will be sent to Washington for inspection. We can expect news sources to provide more updates as the investigation unfolds.


What to do when involved in an unexpected accident?


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