Manchester, NH – When someone causes a motor vehicle accident, they may face a number of different consequences. Police officers at the scene can issue traffic citations, or even criminal charges depending on their conduct immediately before the collision. The victim may have to file insurance claims, but accidents that result in serious forms of damage will also require civil lawsuits to receive enough compensation to cover these losses. There are a number of things that the victim can do to start this process and make the person responsible pay for their losses, in addition to whatever actions are taken by law enforcement at the scene. 

Getting assistance shortly after the collision

A victim’s first steps immediately after the accident should be to contact the local police and their insurance company. This will start an investigation process by the law enforcement officers sent to the scene, and begin the insurance claim process to pay for some of the losses. Evidence collected by these entities may also become crucial at a later time. The victim should also make sure to have the contact information of everyone else involved, as this will be necessary for both lawsuits and the insurance process. Leaving the scene of the accident without contacting anyone or notifying local authorities is a crime. 

Starting the process to bring a civil case

The accident victim should contact a local accident attorney to schedule an initial meeting. Many firms will provide some basic advice and guidance during this initial step free of charge. If the victim and the lawyer agree on representation, the process to formally file the case can begin. The attorney will file their initial pleadings in the local court system. These documents outline the basic facts about the time and place where the accident happened, give a brief argument as to why the defendant is responsible, and ask for a certain amount of damages. After the complaint is received by the defendant they will start the discovery process to exchange information. 

Damages available at the conclusion of the lawsuit

The amount of money that the victim will collect depends highly on the specifics of the accident. The attorney should go over some potential amounts or a range of money based on the information provided by the victim. Things like medical expenses and vehicle repair documentation are also important for proving this amount during the course of the case. The plaintiff and the defense attorneys may choose to settle the case for an amount that is comparable to these losses, or the jury will make the final determination if the case goes to trial. 

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