Common scenes of explosions
A scene of explosion can take place anywhere, beginning from the workplace, home, or in a public place with the likelihood of loss of life being very high when that happens. Explosions very often lead to wrongful death cases as well.

Some common examples of explosions are factories and construction sites where the smallest spark can set off a terrible chain reaction. Compressed liquids like liquid propane, oxygen acetylene, and other type of inflammable fuel in tanks used to cut through metals can also create hazardous explosions.
Accident attorneys can file a wrongful death suit on behalf of the survivors for negligence or other unlawful act that may have caused the explosion. In Ohio, a wrongful death case can be filed for damages by an accident attorney for the survivors of the loved one who perished in the accident.
More sources of explosions that can lead to wrongful death cases
In a series of recent occurrence, drilling of gas and oil wells has resulted in several explosions in Oklahoma this December leaving two people dead and critically injuring two more. Accidents do happen in areas where jobs and prosperity are evident. Oklahoma is producing plenty of American energy.
In another incident, a widow sued four oil and gas drilling companies, including two based in Ohio for the wrongful death of her husband in February 2013. The site of the explosion was Taylor County. Residents of the adjoining states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have also experienced similar explosions from drilling activities.
A wrongful death law suit filed in 2011 resulted from a 2009 house explosion that fatally injured an 88 year old Eastlake Ohio woman. Her husband sued the East Ohio Gas Company for negligent installation after they used plastic gas pipes rather than steel pipes. According to accident attorneys, the plastic pipe became brittle and began leaking. Gas escaped into the house and was ignited by the motor of a running appliance.
Some of the appliances that run in the home can be sources of hazard, for example water heaters designed before the mid-1970’s have the tendency to explode from excessive heat buildup. Propane tanks used for cooking can be potentially hazardous.
Combustible dust explosions can kill people. 30 workers in the US and 14 others at a sugar refinery plant in Savannah, Ga. in February 2008 were victims of such explosions. Sources of combustible dust are materials like coal dust found in electrical power plants, metal, wood and plastic dust, organic dust from sugar, paper, or soap and dust from certain textiles.
The vagaries of wrongful death claims
The causes of these accidents are often due to negligence in following safety rules laid down by the state to ensure a safe work environment for workers. Many explosions occur because safety measures were overlooked to save costs. When a person in Ohio files a wrongful death claim with the help of an accident attorney, he must do so within two years of the incident. He must also establish that it was the duty of the defendant to ensure safety, that there was a breach in ensuring the safety of the plaintiff, and that a breach of duty led to the accident.

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