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More drivers responsible for fatal traffic crashes are testing positive for drug use.

Baton Rouge, LA-A recent study indicates that drunk driving may no longer be the leading cause of fatal impaired driving accidents, according to recent analysis by the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration.
Drugged Driving Accident Statistics
The Governor’s High Safety Administration recently released their analysis of fatal traffic accidents in 2015 drug-impaired drivers caused more fatal crashes than drunk drivers. The report, entitled “Drug-impaired Driving,” notes that in 2015, 43 percent of drivers who were killed had a drug in their system, but only 37 percent of drivers who died had alcohol in their system.
In the report, the GHSA encourages law enforcement agencies across the country to step up their efforts to identify drugged drivers and take them off the road.

Drugs Detected in Fatal Crashes:
Other, including prescription drugs- 55 percent
Marijuana- 35.6 percent
Amphetamines- 9.3 percent
How High is Too High?
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers pushed back against the study, pointing out flaws in the methodology. MADD notes that since there is no scientifically established method of determining a drugged driver’s level of impairment by drugs such as marijuana or OxyContin. The agency also said they were concerned about that the study suggests drunken driving is no longer a problem on our nation’s roads.
J.T. Griffin, chief government affairs officer at MADD, said in a statement to the Washington Post, “There is no way you can say drugs have overtaken alcohol as the biggest killer on the highway.” He added, “The data is not anywhere close to being in a way that would suggest that . . . We’re doing a lot of good things on drunk driving, but the public needs to understand this problem is not solved.”
Russ Rader, the spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, spoke with CNN and questioned the methodology of the study, noting that only 57 percent of drivers killed in fatal collisions were tested for drugs.
It is also important to note that results of the study might be slightly skewed because it was partially funded by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, a group that includes alcoholic beverage makers. According to the Washington Post, members of the foundation include Bacardi USA, makers of Jack Daniel’s whiskey; and others.
While it is true that drugged driving is becoming a huge problem, drunk driving is still responsible for a third of fatal accidents in the U.S. Drunk driving crashes, when not deadly, can leave victims with catastrophic and severe injuries.

What If a Drugged Driver Hurts Me?
It is illegal to drive with any illicit substance or drug that impairs driving ability in Louisiana. Justifiably, impaired drivers face criminal consequences if they harm or kill someone. Impaired drivers who cause a fatal or injurious accident could also be hit with a personal injury or wrongful death suit.
If you are the victim of a drugged driver, let connect you with an accident lawyer Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With an attorney’s help, you will recover the settlement you deserve. Call and set up a consultation today.

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