Train Strikes Semi-Truck Stuck on Tracks in Argos, No Injuries Reported

ARGOS, Indiana – A semi-tractor and trailer carrying a load of trash destined for the landfill in Fulton County met with an unfortunate accident early Thursday morning in Argos. The vehicle became stuck on the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks and was subsequently struck by an oncoming train.

Incident Details

Assistant Police Chief Corey Bowman informed WTCA that the accident occurred between 6:15 and 6:30 in the morning. The driver of the semi-truck, confused about his route to the Four County Landfill, attempted to correct his direction, crossing over the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks on Kenilworth. However, due to the road ramping up to the track level and ramping back down on the other side, the trailer became lodged on the tracks.

Despite his efforts, the driver was unable to remove the vehicle from the tracks before a train came through, striking the stalled semi. Miraculously, neither the driver of the semi nor the occupants of the train reported any injuries in the aftermath of the incident.

Aftermath and Clean-up

Post-incident, the road was closed for approximately 8 hours as Norfolk Southern personnel surveyed the accident scene, cleared debris, and checked the tracks for any potential damage.

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