Riding a bicycle always poses a certain amount of danger. This is true even in situations where bicyclists are away from motor vehicle traffic.  

A teenage bicyclist was facing severe and life threatening injuries after falling off of a mountain bike in the community of Anthem. 

Young man is severely hurt when he falls off of a bike on a rough trail 

A group of four friends were riding mountain bikes along trails in a park area. One of the young men fell off near the intersections of Gavilan Peak Parkway and Livingstone Way. His friends immediately started to run toward the roadway to get help. 

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said that the 14 year male victim was airlifted off of Daisy Mountain on a Friday shortly after being hurt. An initial diagnosis by emergency crews on the scene found that the teen had severe head trauma and an injury to one leg. The injuries were considered to be serious and possibly life threatening. It is unknown whether the victim was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident

A spokesperson from the Glendale Fire Department who was at the scene said that the trails in the area are very rugged and there is normally only foot traffic on them. Rescue crews had to being equipment in by foot and then coordinate with a helicopter to figure out how to get the victim out of the area safely. 

Bicycling and the possibility of injury or death

Bicycling can be very dangerous on roads or even in areas that are more isolated due to the possibility of falling or having a collision with another vehicle. When someone is riding a bicycle, there is usually little to protect their body aside from a helmet, and not all bicyclists wear helmets all the time. 

Are helmets required in Arizona? 

The state of Arizona as a whole does not have a law that requires all bicyclists to wear helmets while riding.However, certain cities and municipalities like Phoenix, require cyclists to wear a helmet if they are aged 18 or younger. The Arizona Department of Public Safety says that bicyclists are also allowed to ride in the same traffic lanes as motor vehicles, but they must obey laws related to stopping, traffic lights, using turn signals, and all other laws on the road. Generally speaking, it is always a good idea to wear protective equipment and be mindful of your surroundings.

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