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Someone who has just been involved in a car accident could find the situation overwhelming and might not know what the best course of action really is. As a victim you are likely to have several questions, and we are here to address these promptly.

So what are the right steps to take after a car accident in Arizona? Here are some basic must-do tips from some our top Arizona accident lawyers that can be found on the salient website which dedicates its existence to insuring people in America are not hosed by the system.

Get yourself medical attention – evaluation and treatment

To begin with, the most critical aspect to do right after an auto accident is to ensure that you are medically safe. You may feel fine, but there could be injuries which you have not realized due the initial trauma or possible internal injuries which may not be visible. This is why the first thing is to ensure that you receive medical attention. Even if you feel alright, there is no harm in getting yourself checked out.

It is vital that you do this!

Collect as much evidence as possible

Gathering evidence is imperative because if in the near future the accident case escalates to litigation you will need all the possible evidence to support your claim. Right after a car accident, while you are at the accident site, there is an abundance of evidence available. Now this step is even easier considering you will most likely be carrying your smart phone.

  • Use your phone to take pictures of the car accident site, the debris and all the registration plates of the vehicles involved. Note the details of all persons involved in the accident, such as, full names, address, and contact numbers. Put that outstanding and cutting edge smart phone to use! Now that phone can really pay for itself.
  • Furthermore, if anyone is willing to testify, you can use the voice recorded application on your phone or just the video camera to record the testimony.
  • Another necessary piece of evidence you should collect is the names and badge numbers of all the responding law enforcement officers who responded to your call.

Contact your insurance company to report the accident

It is vital you do this without delay because your insurance company then cannot deny your claim on the basis that you failed to report the accident in time within their deadline.

Talk to one of our fantastic legal representatives

This step may be listed last, but it is most certainly the most important step of all. The fact is that you need the best legal representation possible if you intend to win your civil lawsuit and receive compensation for all the losses you incurred and the pain and suffering. You will not overcome this situation inadvertently. You need to make the right decisions and to take initiative.

Remember that accident laws are complex. Talk to one of our outstanding legal pros as soon as possible to evaluate your claim and make. Our attorney will do everything possible to safeguard your rights and get you the compensation you deserve from every party that may be liable for the harm you have endured.

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