I am employee in the city of Peoria, Arizona, who was injured at work. What should I do?

The first and most important thing you should do after engaging in a work-related accident is to notify your employer. They are expected to follow several different steps once they receive notification of your accident as well as your injury. Employers in the state of Arizona generally handle an employee injury incident by first tending to the worker and arranging for the necessary medical attention to be rendered. Below is a list of the next steps an Arizona employer should take according to Arizona’s Risk Management Division when an employee of theirs sustains an injury at while on the job.

  1. Call the Early Notification number at 602-542-WORK or 1-800-837-8583.
  2. If the injured worker is unable to drive following the accident, the employer can accompany them to the doctor.
  3. The employer should then collect information about the accident and fill out the Supervisor’s Report of Industrial Injury form or the required form their agency uses for employee accidents.
  4. Make a list of the witnesses and interview them.
  5. Examine the area where the accident occurred and secure any equipment, machines, or vehicles if necessary.
  6. Maintain contact with the injured worker.
  7. Continue to take precaution to ensure the same accident and other types of accidents don’t occur in the workplace.

It is important for you to be aware of what your employer is expected to do after you have become injured in an accident. You need to be certain they are taking all the required measures so that you are awarded workers’ compensation benefits and that your claim is filed in a timely manner. If you enlist the help of a local Peoria, Arizona accident attorney, they can do this for you.

What types of doctors and/or specialists can I seek treatment from when receiving workers’ compensation benefits?

Work accidents vary as do the injuries employees suffer from. Because certain injuries might require a specific type of treatment, anyone who has become injured in a work accident needs to be aware of what types of doctors/specialists they are permitted to seek treatment from.
Based on the information provided by The Industrial Commission of Arizona, your employer does have the right to ask you to seek a one-time evaluation from a physician of their choosing. After that visit, you can either continue your care with the same doctor or pursue treatment from a physician of your choice. This could be a:

  • Family physician
  • A chiropractor
  • A specialist
  • A physical therapist

There are exceptions that may apply when it comes to those who are self-employed so it is best to speak with your employer regarding this to best determine what type of doctor you are or are not permitted to see should this be your situation.
While employers are expected to file a workers’ compensation claim, not always do they follow through with all the necessary protocol. Should you need legal advice or assistance regarding a recent work accident claim you filed, we will find you an accident attorney in Peoria, AZ that can help.