Why should I negotiate with my insurance company after getting injured in an accident?
If your accident occurred because someone, somewhere was negligent, you may very well have a personal injury claim on your hands. A personal injury claim arises when a person or people sustain an injury in some sort of accident caused by the negligent actions of another person or entity.
Personal injury claims are generally filed through the at-fault party’s insurance carrier, or if you are filing a first-party claim, through your own insurance company. Either way, the outcome of the claim is that you receive compensation that covers the costs of your losses. Whether those losses include a loss of income or the inability to do something you once could because of your injury, you need to be certain the settlement you are offered is fair and sufficient. This is why you or your Surprise, Arizona accident attorney negotiates with your insurance carrier before simply accepting whatever settlement they present to you.

Here’s how the negotiation process generally works when filing a personal injury claim in Arizona

Once your insurance carrier is notified of your accident and has received all the details regarding it, they will decide what your damages are worth. In a personal injury case, damages refer to the injury and loss you have experienced which qualifies you to file a claim where you demand compensation. The agent you are working with will then derive at a settlement amount and present that to you. If you are working with a personal injury lawyer in Surprise, Arizona, they may be notified of the settlement amount first.
This is when the negotiating comes into play. Your Surprise accident and injury attorney is going to review the offer and more than likely, they will find that you have been offered an amount that is less than what your damages are actually worth. Insurance companies aren’t concerned with the restless nights you may have had, the painful days that caused you to remain out of work, and the overwhelming burden of bills pouring in from doctors, hospitals, and other health care practitioners. All they care about is running their business and not paying too much for each and every claim they receive.
Therefore, your accident lawyer will go back with a counter offer and they can either accept it or come back with something with a revised offer. There may a few back and forth scenarios that transpire through the course of the negotiation process, but you should come to a point where a final settlement offer is given. Once you accept this, and obviously, you want your Surprise accident lawyers’ approval before doing so, your settlement will be issued and your claim will close.

Need help negotiating with your insurance carrier?

If you are currently dissatisfied with the settlement offer your insurance carrier offered you for the damages incurred after an accident and you live in Surprise, Arizona, don’t worry as we have local accident and injury attorneys working in Surprise who are available to help you. The negotiation process can be stressful and all around overwhelming so we recommend you rely on one of our reputable attorneys to help you throughout it.