After a car accident or other vehicular crash transpires in Tempe, Arizona, you are permitted to pursue the negligent driver for causing the accident. Sometimes, you may be required to pay your insurance deductible so you can get the repairs started, however, you should consider contacting their insurance company who can then reimburse you for the money you paid out for your deductible. There are various types of coverages available to help cover costs associated with vehicle damage as well as those accrued from an injury so it is best to discuss this with your insurance agent.

What if I don’t agree with the information my insurance adjuster is providing me with?

You always want to be up-front with your insurer and let them know you disagree with some or all of the information they are telling you. If you checked your policy as well as the limits you carry and your insurer is asking you to pay for expenses that should be covered, you now have another issue on your hands. Accident lawyers in Tempe work to resolve issues that develop between claimants and insurance adjusters and they can help you if you are experiencing this right now.
What happens if I was in an accident in Tempe, AZ and my vehicle was totaled?
As unfortunate as it may be, having your vehicle pronounced as totaled is sometimes one of the outcomes that derives from an auto accident. If you totaled your vehicle or another factor contributed to the accident, the insurer may do one of two things:

  1. Offer you a replacement vehicle that is comparable to the vehicle you had.
  2. Offer you a cash settlement that will allow you to purchase a comparable vehicle. According to the Arizona Department of Insurance, the settlement offer must include all applicable taxes, license fees and other fees which apply to transfer of evidence of ownership of the vehicle.


What if my accident in Tempe, AZ resulted in injuries?

The first thing you should do is seek medical attention to have your injuries evaluated. You can visit one of the following hospitals located in or nearby to Tempe or another facility of your choice.

  1. Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital
  2. Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix
  3. Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
  4. Chandler Regional Medical Center
  5. Banner Desert Medical Center

You should then look into Medical Payments coverage as this can be used to provide coverage for necessary and reasonable medical and funeral expenses you incurred as a result of an auto accident. Now, if your injuries resulted in a disability, disfigurement, or other life-altering condition, you do want to speak with an accident lawyer working in Tempe, Arizona so they can further explain how you can go about filing a personal injury lawsuit.
Because insurance policies have limits on them, you might not be able to collect all that you are entitled to that will cover the costs of your damages. That is why we recommend you speak with a legal professional featured on our site so they can explain what options you have, what you will need to do in order to file a lawsuit, and how much all of this could cost.