As much as we try and prevent accidents from occurring, sometimes we are the cause of them. Distracted driving is one of the many leading causes of vehicular accidents and is known to bring on serious injuries and even result in deaths. Because a distracted driver is considered to be negligent, they do face consequences for driving recklessly and causing an accident in the city of Yuma, AZ.
Because of the various consequences you could potentially face for causing an accident to occur due to you driving distracted, we recommend you consult with a local accident lawyer in Yuma, Arizona to become more informed on what to expect, whether you qualify for damages as you sustained injuries as well, and what types of legal repercussions you could be up against.

What are the penalties for a distracted driver who caused an accident?

Although each accident case varies and the consequences might differ, you could be:

  • Held responsible for the damages caused in the accident. If the other parties involved had damage to their property or suffered injuries, your insurance will likely be responsible for providing the compensation for this. But what if your insurance policy limits aren’t enough to cover these expenses? For instance, if you are only carrying the minimum coverage of $10,000 for property damage or the $15,000 per person for bodily injury, yet their damage amounts to $30,000 in just medical bills, they could very well come after you personally for the remaining amount of money.


  • Faced with a personal injury lawsuit. Because Arizona follows at-fault insurance laws, the driver of the other vehicle involved can file a lawsuit and take you to court. You will want an accident lawyer working in Yuma, AZ prepping you for this in the event you have already received notice to appear in court. While you may be held responsible for causing the accident, sometimes the other driver may share some of the blame and our accident and injury lawyers can help identify whether you are entitled to damages as well. In other instances, the other driver may be trying to claim he/she suffered harsher injuries from the accident than what you know to be true. This is yet another reason why you need an accident lawyer working with you.


  • Tickets resulting in fines and fees if an officer can determine that you were driving recklessly, speeding, or were in violation of a traffic law. Currently, the state of Arizona doesn’t have a ban on cellphone use while driving in the car so you can’t directly be ticketed for using it but you can be held responsible if you aren’t adhering to the rules of the roadway.

If the distracted driving accident you were involved in occurred in the city of Yuma, AZ, and you would like to become more informed on what your rights are and that of the other driver, contact us today and we will be sure to get you paired up with a nearby accident lawyer in Yuma. Accident cases can sometimes become confusing, unclear, and overwhelming which is why we are here to connect you with a professional who can assist you throughout the duration of the matter.