Just like every other state, Arkansas follows a statute of limitations for car accidents. This statute of limitations puts up a time limit on how much time a person has for filing the lawsuit after an accident. The deadlines differ depending on how severely a person suffered and what sort of case is being filed. For individuals who suffer personal injury or damage to their property, they have 3 years under the Arkansas Code to request the court for a civil remedy.

If a person attempts to file an accident claim after the allotted statute of limitations, then the opposing party will simply point out the date was passed, and a person will almost always have their case entirely dismissed. It is always in a person’s best interest to file their accident claim as soon as possible because it will give them plenty of time to build their case and the evidence will still be fresh and easy to preserve. Filing a claim right after an accident also increases the chances of the defendant being available and accessible to come to court.

In serious car accident cases, most drivers are more focused on treating their injuries as opposed to taking immediate legal action. It is important to first contact the ambulance and the police to inform them of what happened, but once a person’s injuries are properly taken care of, they should not hesitate in getting in touch with a qualified attorney to help them with the legalities of their case.

Who gets compensated after a car accident in Arkansas?

Anyone who gets into a car accident in Arkansas can receive compensation if the other party was more at-fault for the accident then they were.  Even though drivers are still eligible to get compensated for their losses, their final settlement amount will be reduced by as much as they were liable for the collision.

No matter who was at fault for the accident, drivers are required to report the collision if there was more then $1000 in damages. They are also required to report the accident if there were any injuries or if anyone lost their life due to the accident. The collision must be reported within 30 days of the incident taking place. The individual who can prove they suffered damage in Abbott Arkansas due to the negligence of the other driver is entitled to receive compensation for their losses.