Accidents happen, and what shows our true nature is how we deal with the curveballs that life throws at us. In Atlanta, a community comes together to help their children’s paralyzed football coach get back on his feet in a wonderful outpouring of love and gratitude.

Press Release – December 12th, 2014 – Coach Jonathan Magwood, who was a football coach with the Union City Eagles community football team in metro Atlanta, is a beloved figure in the community. And the news that the beloved coach suffered a paralyzing accident which left him with a broken neck has indeed come as a shocker for the metro area residents.
The freak accident which left Coach Magwood paralyzed happened at a celebration where the coach and his team members were celebrating the end of the season. The Peachtree facility was the venue for the celebration, say accident attorneys in Atlanta, and a trampoline had been set up for the kids to enjoy themselves. Magwood too was on the trampoline and he was jumping on it, aiming to land on the foam pit, but instead he landed in a wrong position and happened to hurt his neck.
The football coach was then airlifted to the Atlanta Medical Center where it was discovered that he had broken his neck and would be paralyzed for the future. According to the medical reports, the broken vertebrae is located high up on Magwood’s neck meaning that the paralysis he is under is absolute and complete. Doctors told the Magwood family that he will probably never be able to walk or use his hands ever again, but the family members are hoping that rehab will help Jonathan get back to fully regaining use of his hands and legs again. Jonathan has already had a surgery to stabilize his spine, and is currently back home recuperating.
However, accident attorneys in Atlanta say that there is very little possibility of a full recovery happening and it will be tough on the family as the accident was not anyone’s fault and there is no one to sue for compensation or losses.
Magwood’s fiancée Teaa Allston said that football was Jonathan’s one big passion. And because he also loved children, it was easy for him to teach kids about the game he was so passionate about. Some of the boys on Magwood’s team acknowledge openly how the coach gave them life skills and taught them more than just how to dribble and pass.
The fact that he had his accident while celebrating with his team members is a sad incident for all of them, the coach’s fiancée is sure that the future will be bright. She said in her statement to the press that she believes in miracles and is hoping that a miracle will help cure Jonathan and help him lead a normal life soon.
Coach Magwood is going to be taken to the Atlanta Shepherd Center for his rehabilitation. But the bills will of course be enormous even with the health insurance that the football coach already has. The community got together last weekend for a fundraiser that they hope will help the coach pay for his medical bills and help him get back on his feet soon.

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