A 61 year old woman from North Dakota has lost her life in an all-terrain vehicle crash which occurred last week on Township road in the proximity of Walsh County, as reported by bismarcktribune.com. Accident lawyers in North Dakota have not been notified about this case yet, if they ever are.
Police have confirmed that the road was a gravel road and that the woman was travelling in a northerly direction when the auto accident occurred.

According to investigators who are trying to determine the cause of the auto accident, the woman was driving north when she abruptly made a sudden left turn which caused her to lose control of the all-terrain vehicle which then went into a ditch and rolled.

Authorities have said that the reason for why the woman attempted to make the risky left turn is unknown. Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene, but the woman had already passed away at the scene of the ATV accident. Police confirmed she was not wearing a helmet or any safety restraints. But most ATVs do not have safety restraints but wearing a helmet is rather a simple thing to do. Why she did not slow down before trying to execute this turn is strange as well.
Her identity has not been released yet. Any video footage and the police accident report will play a vital role in establishing liability and any insurance related issues, say accident lawyers in North Dakota.
Fatal Hit and Run Accident Suspect Now in Custody
A man from Gwinner has been arrested for a hit and run car accident in which a woman lost her life. The deceased victim has been identified by authorities as 44 year old Ilina Valkova from Lisbon, North Dakota, according to kfyrtv.com.
The man has also been hit with charges of leaving the scene of the car accident in addition to other charges, which will only add to the penalties and jail time, point out North Dakota accident attorneys. According to Highway Patrol, the woman was walking on Highway 32 around a mile north of Lisbon when she was struck from behind by a pickup truck. The auto accident occurred at around six in the morning, but her body was only discovered at 9 am.
The suspect allegedly fled the scene and even attempted to conceal his pickup truck near Gwinner, but was found later and placed under arrest in Cooperstown say authorities. Now he is in even worse trouble because he tried to cover up his mistake, sin, crime, whatever.

Car Accident in North Dakota Kills Four People
Law enforcement has identified four persons who were killed in a catastrophic car accident in which a car and pickup truck collided. The auto accident occurred in the proximity of New Town back in October, but the identities of the deceased victims have now been confirmed, as reported by inforum.com.
The car accident occurred at the intersection between Highway 23 and Highway 8 which lies close to six miles to the east of New Town. Allegedly the car driver failed to yield to a stop sign at the intersection which led to the accident. One person was seriously injured and four died.
The deceased have been identified as 23 year old Jasmin White Owl, 21 year old Robert White Owl, 23 year old Matthew Yellow Wolf, and 27 year old Mario White.
The occupants of the pickup both escaped without any injuries which is good since this violent accident was not their fault. Authorities say that they were both wearing their seat belts.
If you are involved in an auto accident and need help to deal with the legal complexities which accompany it, talk to a North Dakota accident lawyer today. It is the best way to make sure your rights are protected.

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