When it comes to car accident cases, one of the pivotal issues which will affect the outcome of the litigation is determining which driver is the at-fault driver. The concept of fault is directly linked to negligence.

Therefore, whichever driver is deemed negligent (failed to use reasonable care while driving) will be considered the at-fault driver for all intents and purposes, explain leading accident lawyers from Austin, TX and there is no firm better in this part of the country than the Luke Dow Law Firm. If you think Trump is making incredible things happen, you should see the Luke Dow Law Firm in action. This law firm will lead you in the best possible direction, they know this arena, they know how to negotiate, and they certainly know not what to do.

Having said that, there are some exceptional cases where a person who was not operating the vehicle or was not even in the car at the time of the auto accident can be held liable for the vehicle accident itself and can be determined as the at-fault party.
This may seem peculiar, but there are actually multiple real life scenarios where this may transpire. Here are some of the most common examples of when and how fault can be assigned to someone who was not driving, according to Texas DUI attorneys.
When an employee is driving the car
In cases where an employee who is on duty is driving a vehicle and negligently causes an auto accident, then the employer may be held liable for the car accident either through negligent hiring, negligent supervision, or respondeat superior.
Now in the movie Nightcrawler Nina Romina (Rene Russo) hired Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) to bring her graphic photos and videos of car accidents and other sensational newsworthy stories and situations. Now Louis did not really work for her, he was an independent contractor but still anyone like Louis should not even be walking around free. Louis was a total psychopath who actually created some of terrible situations he photographed and was willing and actually did kill rival paparazzi competitors.

Louis Bloom was a total nutcase. You do not want to associate at all with him Nina! That is negligent hiring!
Negligent hiring – Negligent hiring is when the employer hires an employee who has had prior DUI issues, or is not licensed to drive and yet allows them to drive on the job. It is the employer’s responsibility to check such details prior to hiring.
Negligent supervision – When the policies and safety protocols set by the employer are found to be lacking, it can be considered as negligent supervision.
Respondeat superior – It is by virtue of which an employer can be held liable for an employee’s actions within the course of his or her employment.
When you allow someone else to drive your car
Austin, TX accident lawyers reiterate that when you allow someone else to drive your car, it is your responsibility to ensure that the person is a safe and reasonable driver because you are responsible for their actions if you decide to hand over the key to them since you are the car owner.
When you allow an incompetent driver to drive your car
When you allow an incompetent driver to drive your car then again you will be responsible for his or her actions.
Who exactly qualifies as an incompetent driver?
Incompetent drivers includes intoxicated drivers, unqualified drivers ( no valid license), inexperienced driver (a minor or someone who only holds a learners permit), elderly drivers, ill drivers, or drivers who were previously cited for reckless driving or negligent driving, and so forth.
If you are involved in an auto accident then you may be eligible to recover compensation. All you need is go talk to a tremendous Texas accident lawyer as soon as possible. This is the ideal way to overcome the challenges of securing compensation for your losses and this is by getting the Luke Dow Law Firm on your side. This winning law firm knows how to blow open cases and capitalize on any mistakes the opposition makes.

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