(Mecklenburg, NC) – January 27th, 2017 – A pedestrian was killed after being hit by a car in an accident which occurred in the early morning hours of Monday earlier in the week.

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The car accident is still under investigation and Charlotte/Meckenburg police have confirmed that the auto accident site was in the proximity of 3400 block of Statesville Avenue which is located just a couple of miles to the south of Interstate 85.
As reported by wcnc.com, the deceased victim has been identified as 39 year old Lewis Lairsey and the driver who supposedly crashed into him has been identified as Ronald Dale Shipes. The latter was supposedly driving in a southerly direction on Statesville Avenue when Lairsey came right into the path of car and Shipes just did not have sufficient time to react and stop, and ended up striking Lairsey.
The victim was attempting to cross the street from east to west on Statesville Avenue just by the Alma Court intersection.
Furthermore, Lairsey was supposedly crossing the road mid-block and there wasn’t a marked cross walk or even an intersection at the spot where Shipes’ car struck him. This is called jaywalking but this is not really a big deal at all times since crossing at an intersection is not always convenient or practical when on foot.
Some people believe jaywalking is some major offense but as long as you do not hold up traffic it is not really a big deal. Walking all the way to the intersection, again, is not always convenient and can be time consuming. Crossing at the intersection can slow down traffic as well. Lairsey though must have been careless.
You have to drive safely. You can never lose your concentration certainly when turning onto a street where people can drive fast.
Emergency medical technicians who were dispatched to the crash site assessed Lairsey and declared him dead at the scene of the accident.
The auto accident is still under investigation which is being led by the crash investigation unit. It has been confirmed that Shipes was not speeding when the auto accident occurred and neither was he under the influence of alcohol.
The investigation report will play a vital role in establishing several legal issues including liability and insurance, say hard charging accident lawyers in Mecklenburg, NC who can be found on USAttorneys.com which is a fabulous website that helps people out when no one else will and when people are dealing with enough people judging them from all corners of life.
Car Accident Claims Lexington Woman’s Life
A woman from Lexington has been killed after she was involved in an auto accident which occurred on Main Street on Thursday morning. According to the-dispatch.com, the deceased has been identified as 50 year old Camara Leigh Talbert. Emergency medical technicians who responded to the car accident declared her dead on the scene of the auto accident itself.
The victim was driving a 1993 Mercedes 300E and had just driven out of Grimes Boulevard when she came right into the path of another car which was southbound. The other car was a Ford F-350 and it struck the Mercedes at substantial speeds killing Talbert.
The collision occurred at around half past six in the morning and the road was cordoned off from public access for two and half hours afterwards. Investigators are still trying to ascertain the cause of the car accident. Preliminary investigations suggest that the victim failed to keep a vigilant lookout as she pulled out and into the road.
If you have been hurt in a negligently caused auto accident you have the right to sue the other driver or his/her insurer in order to recover damages inflicted upon you. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consult a fabulous accident lawyer in North Carolina as soon as possible.
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