Cedar Rapids, IA – One of the most important things an accident victim can do is to contact their insurance provider. This is required by all policies and the amount of claim money available may be sufficient to cover the costs of some accidents, especially when the damage is minor.  Drivers should always contact their insurance company as soon as possible and formally file a claim if necessary. The victims will still be able to contact their own lawyer and bring a civil case after a legal consultation. The amount of money that will be available to the victim through the legal process is highly dependent on their injuries and other factors.  

Auto insurance and the claim process

The reason that drivers are required to pay into auto insurance policies is to cover the costs of losses after an accident, and protect themselves from liability resulting from lawsuits. Every state has some kind of requirement for all drivers to have insurance coverage if they want to drive. The company that provides coverage can also choose to drop a driver or take other action if they find out that an accident was not reported to them. 

After contacting the insurance company

Once the victim has filed an insurance claim and is in the process of waiting for their claim to be processed, they can start to meet with a lawyer. This is especially recommended for victims who are experiencing serious financial losses from lost income or wages, have medical costs and long term treatment costs, and property repairs. Victims of serious accidents will usually have the most to gain from a lawsuit, as these costs and associated medical treatment can be life changing. 

The first legal consultation

During an initial meeting with the injury lawyer, the victim can learn about the potential value of the case, the duration of the lawsuit from start to a trial day or settlement agreement, and ask questions about their personal situation. If the client and the lawyer agree on representation, the case will begin with an initial complaint filed that outlines the relevant facts such as the time and place the accident happened. The defendant named in the lawsuit will have a chance to respond to the allegations in this complaint and assert any defenses that are applicable. The two parties will eventually settle the case or go to trial. 

Getting more specific accident advice from a law firm

Anyone who needs legal advice after a car accident in the Cedar Rapids area can contact an experienced local firm. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that focuses on various kinds of personal injury and accident cases. 

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