Baton Rouge, LA – When a person purchases an auto insurance policy for protection in case of an accident, there are certain coverage amounts built into the policy. This is because Louisiana and every other state has passed laws that detail what kind of coverage a driver must have to utilize the roads in the jurisdiction. This means that any policy will automatically contain coverage for at least these amounts, and possibly more depending on the specifics of what the driver needs and their provider offers. However, there are also situations where the standard coverage amounts are insufficient to cover the amount of damage and injuries caused by the collision. Civil lawsuits may be filed as well in these cases to force the person or business responsible to pay out additional amounts. 

Auto insurance requirements

Any driver in the state must have at least the following cover amounts. Up to $15,000 worth of coverage for injuries or fatalities caused by the insured driver to one other person, $30,000 for similar total losses in each accident, and $25,000 for total property damage in each accident. This is essentially liability coverage, and collision damage for the driver’s vehicle can also be purchased from an insurance company, but it is not required by law.   

Laws related to fault

In Louisiana, the driver at fault will be covered by their insurance policy, but only up the amounts listed in their insurance documentation. This means that a driver may be personally liable for any additional damage that they cause in a severe accident. Accident victims can file an insurance claim to try to collect from this person, but lawsuits will also be necessary for collisions that result in significant injuries and losses. If the driver at fault is uninsured, they are penalized by the state in various ways such as fines and possible loss of their driver’s license and vehicle registration. 

Personal injury lawsuits

An injury case filed in civil court is a negligence case which states that the person at fault for breaching the standard of care on the roads must pay all of the plaintiff’s losses. This can include healthcare costs and medical treatment, along with wages and income that were missed due to their injuries. An attorney should be consulted to discuss the specific value of each injury lawsuit

Accident attorneys in Baton Rouge

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