In a lawsuit brought against Honda and Takata a Jacksonville woman alleges that she became a quadriplegic because an over-powerful airbag in a Honda Civic exploded.
Takata airbags have been linked to multiple cases of auto injuries in the US
A sixty page lawsuit was filed by Patricia Mincey a septuagenarian from Jacksonville. In her petition she said that a collision at the intersection of Rampart Road and Collins Road last June made the airbags of her Honda Civic explode destructively after it was deployed late.

The defendants are Honda, and Takata, the latter being the company that makes the airbags which exploded in the crash along with Duvall Motors of Jacksonville.
The accident attorneys will have to defend Honda from paying seventy million dollars that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fined to Honda for not reporting seventeen hundred and twenty nine cases as per the controversial, biased, and anti-business LA Times. Millions of vehicles installed with Takata airbags have been recalled.
This is the first lawsuit against Takata in the 4th Judicial Circuit, with other suits existing in Jacksonville Federal Courts. The courts will decide if all the individual suits can be merged into a single class action law suit against Takata. According to accident attorneys, these types of cases can be taken up as class action lawsuits.
The collision that paralyzed Mincey
On the 15th of June she missed a red light, sped through the intersection at 20 miles per hour and collided with an SUV. Honda had the task of conducting an investigation of the airbags and said they were not able to find any defect with the airbags and therefore does not support allegations by the plaintiff related to the airbags.
The accident attorneys for Mincey are the same firm that settled a class action lawsuit against Toyota for an estimated $1.6 billion.
Damage claims settled by Escambia County over a 2009 traffic accident
In 2009, around 4:30 p.m. on November 20th, a Nissan being driven by 23 year old Ryan Rodarte ran through a traffic light and collided with an oncoming pickup on Hwy 4. The impact sent the car into a spin, which then landed in a ditch about 85 feet away.
Rodarte and three other occupants of the car where taken to a nearby hospital where one of the passengers, 17 year old Jessica Imholz, was found to severely injured. She was moved to the Baptist Hospital at Pensacola.
Imholz and her parents decided to file a lawsuit against the Escambia County in 2011. The defendants were Escambia County, the Florida Dept. of Transportation, and Century Township on charges that they were negligent in providing sufficient visible signs on a road they knew to be dangerous. On Thursday, the 22nd of January, 2015, the Escambia County Commission decided to end the lawsuit with a payout of $60,000 to the plaintiff.
Certainly Ryan shares some culpability here as well. He is the one who supposedly or actually did run through a red light. No matter what cities and counties do, poor driving will always defeat extra signs and lights.

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