Back in early December, Kizzy London from Baton Rouge flew down to Miami, FL where she expected to have a Brazilian butt lift procedure done. She went to Jolie Plastic Surgery Center which has been recognized as a facility for individuals seeking low-cost plastic surgery. The facility has been operating under several different names since 2013 and the doctor who performed the procedure apparently “is not board certified in any specialty and does not carry medical malpractice insurance” [Source:].
Complications soon arose during the procedure when London went into cardiac arrest. The autopsy report was released mid-December indicating what had happened. The report “listed the Baton Rouge woman’s death as an accident caused by “fat embolism associated with liposuction and fat transfer.” A fat embolism is a mass of fat that gets stuck in the bloodstream and lodged in a blood vessel [Source: US National Library of Medicine]. The fat embolism caused London to go into cardiac arrest and resulted in her death.
She leaves behind two children and a husband who are all in disbelief of what happened. London’s husband had to go the clinic where his wife attended to pick up her things following the incident and couldn’t believe she was gone. While many accidents occur in cosmetic procedures simply because the patient fails to do enough research to ensure they aren’t at risk, London’s husband mentioned that she did her research before scheduling her appointment. She spent nearly an entire year researching the Brazilian butt lift procedure as well as taking the trip to Florida. And because this clinic draws in people from all around the U.S., London was probably under the impression that it would be safe.

Was London’s death truly an accident or is the physician partially at fault for the fat embolism developing?


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Although London’s death was considered to be an accident, the family may have a viable medical malpractice case they can pursue.

Although London’s death was considered to be an accident, the fact that the clinic has had to change its name several times in the past years raises a few red flags. And because the doctor isn’t exactly skilled in any area also raises a few concerns as well. While there are risks with any cosmetic procedure, perhaps the doctor’s inexperience or lack of education contributed to the accident occurring. The news source hasn’t indicated if the surviving family is planning to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, although it might be in their best interest to speak with an accident attorney in Baton Rouge to decide if this is the best course of action.

What are some risks associated with a Brazilian butt lift?

Like all other types of plastic surgery, the Brazilian butt lift procedure has a few risks associated with having it done. Some of the risks and complications associated with a Brazilian butt lift include:

  • A hematoma develops, which is a blood clot that forms near the surgical site.
  • Seroma, which is a buildup of fluid that can occur after surgery. It usually appears as a small bump in the surgical area and while some are absorbed back into the body, others become infected and require medical attention.
  • Incision Opening

[Source: Toronto Cosmetic Clinic].
If you or a family member were injured in an accident, whether it occurred in a hospital or during a procedure, let find you a local Baton Rouge, LA accident attorney to help out with your case. You may be entitled to compensation and the best way to learn how much is to let a skilled attorney review the details of your case.

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