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Fourth of July is a fun holiday that you don’t want to ruin with a trip to the emergency room, so you need to take precautions if you are driving, boating or lighting fireworks.

Atlanta, GA- The Fourth of July is a big deal for Americans because it marks the beginning of our Democracy, and millions travel by road and air to celebrate. Whether your Fourth involves road travel, a day boating at the lake or setting off some fireworks at home, USAttorneys wants you to be safe. Here we’ll share some tips for an accident-free Independence Day.
Firework Accidents
For many Americans, fireworks are an integral part of Independence Day and the day culminates in big firework displays in cities and towns all over Georgia. Individuals also have small-scale demonstrations at their homes. The most explosive and harmful fireworks are illegal in Georgia, but they are readily available in a neighboring state like South Carolina or Tennessee.
Fireworks are fun, but they can also be dangerous. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that fireworks cause an estimated 11,000 injuries each year in the U.S.
Common injuries caused by fireworks include:
Burn injuries
Finger and hand injuries
Leg injuries
Head, face and ear injuries
If you are going to shoot off fireworks, take a few precautions to ensure the safety of you and your guests including not allowing children to light fireworks, keeping a bucket of water or hose handy, and lighting fireworks far away from other guests. You can get more safety from the
And, remember, fireworks are distressing to vets who have PTSD, so before you decide to do a grand display at your house make sure you aren’t disturbing a service member living in your neighborhood. Dogs don’t like them either.

Car accidents are the leading cause of accidental death over the Independence Day holiday.

Car Accidents
Traffic fatalities increase over holiday weekends and Fourth of July weekend is one of the deadliest of the year. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety analysis of fatal July 4 crashes between 2010-2014 and found that an average 118 people are killed in car wrecks.
You can avoid a car accident this holiday weekend by doing a thorough check of your car and ensure everything is road ready before you head out on your road trip. You should expect traffic delays, so factor that into your departure and arrival times. And, if you get caught in a traffic jam, don’t lose your patience.
The most common cause of fatal crashes over the Fourth is drunk driving, but speed and distraction are significant factors in wrecks. Don’t drink and Drive this weekend and don’t let your friends either!
Boating Accidents
Atlanta is landlocked, but many residents like to escape the city and head to Lake Lanier for a weekend on the water, but a relaxing boat ride can end in tragedy. U.S. Coast Guard statistics from 2015, the most recent available, show that 662 people were killed in boating accidents and 4,158 injuries.

You need an accident lawyer in Atlanta if you were hurt because another party was careless or negligent.

According to the USCS, 71 percent of fatal boat crashes are caused by operators who have not completed a nationally approved boating operation course. Operators who passed a Coast Guard approved course were involved in only 15 percent of deadly accidents.
Most people killed in boating accidents drown and it is because a majority were not wearing a life jacket.
Consult with Accident Attorney in Atlanta
An accidental injury can create chaos in your life and leave you with a pile of medical bills. That is especially true if you suffered severe injuries and you may be entitled to compensation if your accident was someone else’s fault. To see if you have a valid personal injury claim, recommends you get legal advice. On our website, you will find an accident attorney in Atlanta to evaluate your case.

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