Shop until you drop is not so funny in some instances. This is not the first time that a lethal car accident has occurred in a parking lot. Parking lots are dangerous and Austin, Texas accident lawyers are cognizant of this and the finest law firm across west Texas is Luke Dow Law Firm since they know which legal doors to open and when to open them and they know how to deal with serious situations.

The terrible situation here is that the death happened to a baby which is just horrific. Human life is precious, all the way from inception. Planned Parenthood disagrees but that is another topic.
This time around, this human life will not even be able to play Little League or run around on a soccer field. This Austin tragedy took place in the shopping center known as Southpark Meadows around 7 pm on Sunday the 30th of Oct. She was only two years old according to KXAN.

She was rushed to Dell Children’s Medical Center in serious condition but even that did not work. She passed away at the hospital. She was with her family but the family took their attention off of the child for one second and she shot out in the middle of the parking lot. A man driving a pick-up truck ran over the child and did not even know what he had done. Several witnesses had to give chase and tell him to stop his truck.
The pick-up driver has been working with authorities to the best of his abilities. He is “devastated”.
Austin has dealt with other child car accident tragedies as well. In July of 2016, a one year child named Eli Cervantes was hit and later died while shuffling through a parking lot in Wal-Mart. This was in North Austin and Austin, Texas accident lawyers were shocked about this too!
The auto driver was 40 years old and tried to negotiate a wide turn so they could more easily park but instead hit Eli. The car driver was a female this time and the child ran out and ran into the wrong object and ran to the wrong place. She drove over the child, not feeling a thing.
When the mother began to pound on the driver’s window, the driver stopped, and then did something really ridiculous. She then drove backwards over Eli. Perhaps the mother should have said stop your car in a way that the drive knew to stop but who knows how anyone would act in that type of situation. It is too bad everyone panicked.

Texas accident attorneys were very sad this occurred.
A rollover car accident in Lago Vista takes two
You thought you had a bad day. Your day cannot even be close to this bad. Lago Vista is a spectacular suburb outside of Austin but it is not so wonderful for some people now.
If you go by the word of Travis County Emergency Services District 1 and there is no reason you should not, around 3:30 am they took a distress call. This was on Lohmans Ford Rd. which is near Travis Dr. First responders rolled up to the scene and saw something appalling. Three people were tied down and could not move in a roll over crash.
They were able to extricate all three but two of them will never be in a car again alive. The person who lived through this ordeal was taken to UMC Brackenridge with unspecified injuries. Lago Vista PD is trying to figure out what happened. The people in the crash, their ages and names, are not known at this time.
All this information will come out soon according to CBS Austin.
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