St. George, UT- Traffic accidents are an unfortunate fact of life in Utah and sometimes end in tragedy. According to the Utah Department of Public Safety Highway Safety Office, there were 22,420 people injured and 220 people killed in traffic accidents in 2013. The vast majority of traffic accidents in Utah can be directly attributed to error on the part of one or more motorists. Here we will discuss some of the leading causes of traffic accidents in Utah.
Data from the state Highway Safety Office shows that the fiver leading causes of all traffic accidents in Utah are:

  1. Following too closely (21%)
  2. Failed to yield (18%)
  3. Speed (17%)
  4. Failure to maintain lane (13%)
  5. Distracted driving (9%)

The five leading causes of fatal accidents in Utah are:

  1. Speed (40%)
  2. Failed to Keep in Proper Lane (35%)
  3. Unrestrained Occupants (28%)
  4. Drunk Driving (10%)
  5. Failed to yield (10 %)

Many motorist don’t think twice about following too closely behind another motorist, which is why it is the leading causes of all traffic accidents in the state. Under most circumstances, a rear-end accident can be very minor and won’t result in major injuries. Regardless of the results of a rear-end accident, they are generally the fault of the following vehicle.
Following too closely doesn’t appear on both the above lists but speed does. It is the leading cause of fatal accidents in Utah and the third leading cause of all traffic accidents in the state. Nationwide, speeding accounts for a third of fatal accidents. Speed can significantly increase the impact of an accident and lead to serious or deadly injuries.
All the bad driving habits listed above can lead to a serious accident and should be avoided. But we know that motorists often fail to realize or simply don’t consider how one of their bad driving habits will impact others, sometimes with deadly consequences. Those who are injured in a St. George, Utah traffic accident are encouraged to contact an accident attorney near their location, especially if a motorist’s careless actions led to their injuries. You may be eligible to compensation for your medical expenses and emotional distress.
Once you retain one of the accident lawyers at USAttorneys, they will begin working on your case so they can secure the best settlement possible. By retaining an attorney, you increase your chances of receiving a generous settlement and ensuring that your accident-related costs are not coming out of your pocket.  Let us connect you with an experienced accident lawyer in Utah today and give them the time they need to build a winning injury claim on your behalf. You won’t regret retaining an attorney.
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