Wall Collapse at Bedford Construction Site Injures Five; OSHA Investigates

BEDFORD, MASS. – A construction accident in Bedford left five people injured, one critically, when a wall collapsed on a crew of eight working on a home renovation project Wednesday morning.

Authorities were called to Dunster Road around 7:35 a.m., where a wall reportedly fell on several workers. Of the five injured, one was left in critical condition, another had serious injuries, and three others were believed to have sustained minor injuries. The incident occurred as part of a major rehab project involving raising a gable wall in a residential building.

“Upon arrival, first responders discovered multiple people trapped under a wall, with a bystander administering lifesaving first aid,” a joint statement from the Bedford police and fire departments, as well as Interim Town Manager Colleen Doyle, said.

Preliminary Investigation

Interim Bedford Fire Chief Paul Sheehan commented, “The collapse occurred when eight workers were attempting to raise a gable wall. First impressions by our building department are that improper procedures may have been used, but OSHA will make the official determination.”

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) confirmed on Wednesday that it is investigating the incident. Inspectors were present at the scene throughout the morning, reviewing the circumstances surrounding the collapse.

Chief Sheehan also mentioned that one firefighter sustained minor injuries during the response but was expected to recover fully.

Neighbors, including Ken Malsky, expressed shock at the incident, stating, “You don’t expect anything like this.” The home’s owners were adding a garage and a second-story family room as part of several renovation projects in the neighborhood.

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