Bellingham Rattled: Tractor-Trailer Crashes into Hartford Avenue Home

A quiet morning on Hartford Avenue turned chaotic when a man driving a tractor-trailer veered off the road and collided with a local home, causing significant damage. A possible medical emergency may have precipitated the incident, according to Bellingham Police Chief Ken Fitzgerald.

Details Emerge from the Scene

The tractor-trailer, loaded with construction vehicles and traveling eastbound on Hartford Avenue, crashed into a single-family home located at 107 Hartford St., adjacent to Nason Street, at around 9:30 a.m. Thursday. “The truck has heavy damage, and the house has heavy damage,” Fitzgerald said, underlining the severity of the collision.

The driver was airlifted to UMass-Memorial Medical Center in Worcester in critical condition. Fire Chief Bill Miller confirmed during a later press conference that the home, now structurally unstable, would need to be demolished. Miller also mentioned a dog was present in the tractor-trailer during the accident but is now safe under animal control’s care.

Investigations are still underway, but initial findings suggest speed wasn’t a contributing factor, though the driver apparently didn’t attempt to brake before impact.

Property Damage and Road Closures

The home, built in 1870 and valued at $277,100, is owned by Sophie Shahtay. According to Miller, it was vacant at the time of the incident. As a result of the accident and ongoing investigations, both Hartford Avenue and Nason Street have been temporarily closed, with expected reopening several hours later, Fitzgerald informed.

The Massachusetts State Police’s commercial vehicle unit and accident reconstruction unit are currently conducting an investigation into the crash.

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