A Sunday morning crash involving a bicycle and two cars has resulted in the cyclist being hospitalized with critical and possibly life threatening injuries, as reported by al.com. The family of this cyclist should use USAttorneys.com to find a marvelous and hardworking Alabama accident lawyer to make the culprit(s) pay for their sloppy and selfish driving. They are obviously guilty since they chose to drive off from the scene!
Hopefully the police track down this criminal driver
The identity of the bicyclist has been withheld for privacy concerns. Authorities are first required to establish communication with the victim’s family or any living relatives before they can release his or her name to the public. It does not take the finest Mobile & Montgomery Alabama accident attorney to determine why this is the case.

People examining the exterior damage to their vehicles after a car crash
The incident is said to have occurred on Grelot Road in the proximity of Cody Road in West Mobile. According to police reports, the bicyclist was first hit by a car and fell over. As he attempted to get up, a second car struck him and further aggravated his injuries. The first driver will be charged with a hit and run as he fled the scene after crashing into the bicyclist.
Investigators and are currently probing the accident and have not released a description of the first car or the driver. They are interrogating witnesses and are requesting that anybody with any useful information contact the Mobile Police Department.
Car accident in Escambia County kills woman from Atmore
Alabama state troopers have reported one death and one injury in a car accident that occurred Tuesday morning approximately about 4 miles to the north of Atmore, around 50 miles from Mobile, according to an al.com report. Mobile & Montgomery Alabama accident lawyers are making phone calls all over the place in regards to this accident.
The decedent has been identified by authorities as 65 year old Barbara Emmons Harrison from Atmore. After the accident, responding emergency medical technicians and other emergency rescue workers rushed her to Atmore Community Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries shortly after being admitted.
The two vehicles involved in the accident were both Chevrolet’s. Harrison was an occupant in a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu, which was struck by a 2007 Chevrolet Impala. The accident occurred on Alabama State Highway 21. The driver of the Malibu also sustained injuries and was taken to Atmore Community Hospital too.
The injured woman has been identified as 70 year old Velma Joyce Evans who is expected to recuperate fully and is currently in a stable medical condition. The other driver escaped without any injuries. The accident is still under investigation while drugs or alcohol is not believed to be an attributing factor in the crash.
Auto accident and personal injury laws in Alabama
According to Montgomery AL accident attorneys, Alabama is one of the few states that enforce the contributory negligence rule in matters of auto accidents. This rule makes it extremely necessary for anyone seeking damages to be represented by a highly qualified and experienced Alabama accident attorney. The rule basically stipulates that if a driver is found to be even partially negligent in any manner or form for causing the accident (even if the other driver is 99% at fault and the victim is at 1% fault), the victim will automatically become ineligible for any monetary compensation.
Alabama also lays down a two year deadline to file claims, which is the statute of limitations that commences from the date of the accident itself.

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