Amidst allegations that former coal Baron Donald L. Blankenship had deliberately violated safety standards and standard operating procedures which all accumulated and led to a mine blast that killed 29 mine workers in an Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia, it has surfaced that Blankenship would record all conversations that occurred in his office.

Killing jobs, higher energy prices
What is also horrendous about this is that this has been used and also irrational environmental excuses to attack coal. This has helped raise American energy prices and put thousands of men out of work.
This will prove to be a gold mine for prosecuting attorneys as they will look to use it as conclusive and concrete evidence in the upcoming case, as reported by
Formerly, Blankenship headed Massey energy and the recordings are said to have plenty of instances which will serve as evidence that while heading Massey energy, Blankenship had knowingly not bothered to abide by some safety standards and had also known that the practices of Massey energy were not safe but continued without attempting to intervene in any manner.
The existence of the tapes was not declared by Blankenship. They were revealed in another court case which is connected with the mine blast criminal case as the result of an investigation. The concerned tapes have since been surrendered and handed over to the prosecutors.
Accident report
Blankenship files yet another petition to post-pone criminal trial
According to The State Journal, criminal defense attorneys representing Blankenship, who is faced with federal conspiracy criminal charges have filed a motion to post pone the trial scheduled to happen in July 2015 to January of 2016, citing the magnitude of new evidence and discoveries that have happened in the case. The defense wrote in their plea to postpone that they cannot and will not be ready to present a defense if the trial was to happen in July 2015. This is the third time that Blankenship’s legal team is requesting for postponement since his initial arraignment in November of 2014.
Chopper to spread ATV safety awareness in West Virginia
A helicopter painted with the words “Ride Ready Ride Safe” is ready to commence operations as an air ambulance. The message on the side of the fuselage of the aircraft is meant to spread awareness about riding all-terrain vehicles in a safe manner, especially considering that deaths from ATV accidents in West Virginia is at an all-time high, according to a report.
The chopper is equipped with emergency equipment and treatment facilities and will be used to provide relief to accident victims in a timely manner. This is about the only accident you can get in that is probably your fault. If you hit a tree or a rock, that is your fault. But if you are in any other type of accident, slip and fall, a car accident, someone drops a quart of paint on you, and so on, should soon be your new BFF. There are many intrepid attorneys on this case ready to give you their full attention.
Accident laws – West Virginia
Any injury or damaged sustained by a person due to the negligence of another party will qualify to become a personal injury lawsuit in West Virginia. These instances may include but are not limited to defective products, coal mining accidents, occupational hazards (mesothelioma and asbestos cancer), workplace accidents, and auto accidents.
To get the most out of your lawsuit, you will require an experienced Charleston WV accident attorney by your side who can prove that you are a victim of negligence and that you need to be financially compensated for your injuries or damages.
It is very common in West Virginia for an accident to be caused due to ongoing construction work on interstate highways; attorneys can help you acquire compensation if this has happened to you.
Secondly, there is the issue of distracted, negligent, or impaired drivers that may have caused injuries to you or a loved one. An attorney will be able to prove their negligence and get you the compensation you deserve.
According to West Virginia law, the Department of Highways cannot be sued for negligence. However, an experienced Charleston WV accident attorney will be able to work around this law and file a claim in the West Virginia Court of Claims instead of filing in a state or federal court.

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