Although airbags are installed into vehicles to help avoid serious injury and death when a driver is involved in an accident, ironically they do in fact contribute to causing motorists to suffer from injuries when they deflate. And while all drivers are at risk of getting hurt should their airbag deploy, apparently, BMW is on high alert as they have learned that certain vehicles may have a Takata air bag installed as opposed to the type that was supposed to have been put in.
BMW has issued a recall and it is important drivers have their vehicles checked to ensure theirs isn’t affected.
According to, many “vehicles may have had a driver’s air bag replaced with a Takata inflator after a crash or in a previous recall.” And BMW isn’t the only one in the industry suffering from this error as 19 other automakers have also issued recalls regarding the same problem. BMW didn’t learn of this mistake until last November when a customer questioned what type of inflator was in their 3-series sedan. That is when the company found out that 14,600 Takata modules were shipped to the U.S. to serve as replacement parts between 2002 and 2015.
Because of the mix-up, there have already been 16 deaths and over 180 injuries that have been reported. Since BMX isn’t sure which vehicles may have the risky deflator inside, the have issued a recall for the following vehicles:

  • 3 series vehicles from 2000 to 2002
  • 5 series cars from 2001 to 2002
  • some X5 SUVs from 2001 to 2003

If you have a BMW and have experienced an issue with the airbag that has caused you injury or harm, an Austin, TX accident attorney at the Luke Dow Law Firm can help you decide what form of action needs to be taken. When a defective product is out of the market and a consumer gets hurt, liability becomes the topic of discussion and you may be entitled to compensation.
Why Do Airbags Increase the Severity of Injuries When Deployed?
Because of the impact air bags give off, they increase a person’s risk tremendously of incurring an injury in an accident. Medscape has highlighted that anyone sitting closer than 10 inches to where an airbag would usually deploy is at an even greater risk and could sustain a much harsher injury. It is recommended that if a young child is sitting in the front seat that you switch off the airbag if this option is possible.
Air bag deployments are known to lead to serious cardiac injuries and even cause damage to a person’s thoracic area if they aren’t restrained by a seat belt.
What to do if You Are Injured in an Accident in Austin?
Accidents are something that happen every day and all through the country. But, while several collisions transpire, the pain and suffering you have to go through is unique to you. This is why you need to speak with Austin accident lawyer Luke Down in Texas. He can provide you with legal advice and guidance and answer any questions you may have.

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