According to police reports, a crash that occurred early Saturday last week was probably caused at least to some extent by impaired driving. The accident occurred in Nowata County at around 30 minutes past 1 in the morning. As per a report, the man under the scanner for the accident has been identified as 47-year old Bruce Bannon.

Supposedly, he was driving in a southerly direction on Highway 169 and his truck suddenly went off the road. It is suspected that Bannon was caught off guard by the sudden loss of control and over corrected using the steering wheel, hence sending the truck back onto the road at high speeds into the incorrect lane with oncoming traffic where it crashed head on into a car head on.
A lethal accident
The unfortunate victim’s of this car crash, who were in the second car, were identified as 27 year old Jamie Bowlin and a 2-year old child who was sitting in the back of the car when they were hit by Bannon. The child managed to survive the crash. Emergency Medical Technicians who were dispatched to the crash site pronounced Bowlin dead at the scene.
The driver of the second car has been identified as 27-year old John Watchorn, who along with the 2-year old child was rushed to St John Medical Center hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Luckily, the physicians there examined them and announced that they were both in stable condition and were going to make a full recovery very soon.
The driver of the truck was also hospitalized at the same hospital, but it looks like me might be in some serious trouble as one of the officers that arrived at the scene and interrogated him said that he smelt of alcohol. Bannon’s life, like the car he was driving, is now going to go off road. Did the mother really put her child in the same car as a drunk driver?
Oklahoma not going to go easy on click it or ticket offenders
Recently passed legislation in Oklahoma stipulates that that anyone driving or riding as a passenger in a vehicle need to wear their seat belts at all times. Specifically, the law dictates that the front driver and passenger need to be secured by seat belts while driving or riding and any child under the age 12 must be properly restrained in a child seat with a seatbelt, as per a report.
However, a spokesperson for the Norman Police Department has confirmed that law enforcement will start actively seeking out people that are violating this law and start ticketing them accordingly.
According to accident attorneys, the issue was not really enforced stringently until now even though the law was officially passed.
Oklahoma personal injury laws
The state of Oklahoma is classified as a comparative fault state when it comes to personal injury or accident claims. However, legislators in Oklahoma have slightly modified the comparative fault law to suit their needs, According to Oklahoma accident attorneys, if it is determined that the person seeking damages was at fault by either 50% or more for the accident, then he or she cannot recoup any damages at all from the other party.
This only make sense.
Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that anyone intending to file a lawsuit for personal injury or accident must do so within two years of the incident itself otherwise their lawsuit will be dismissed on grounds that it’s statute of limitations has expired. Therefore, it is always prudent to contact an experienced Oklahoma accident attorney as soon as possible and this can be done using the superlative website Now finding an all-star attorney is not that difficult.

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