Any serious accident will require a significant amount of money for a person to pay off their medical bills and cover the other damage they suffered. Most people do not have savings and are not in a financial situation where they can easily pay off a sudden catastrophic event. For this reason, it nearly always becomes necessary for individuals to file accident claims. Once an accident claim successfully goes through, a person may be able to go forward with compelling the guilty party to provide the finances to cover the harm that occurred.

After an accident injury, one of the main questions that get asked is how medical bills will be paid. The person who pays the bills after the accident will vary from case to case and will often depend on the type of insurance that a person has, and who was at fault, to begin with. All owners of vehicles are expected to carry Personal Injury Protection. This protection is essential because it will cover the damages regardless of who was responsible for the accident, to begin with.

This protection will cover 80% of medical bills and 60% of lost wages and this caps at $10,000. If a person still has damages beyond this, they can litigate against the guilty party to ensure they get paid for the damages suffered. An expert attorney who has experience dealing with truck accident cases can assist a person with their case and make sure their rights are not overlooked.

Can I file a bodily injury claim after getting into an accident in Boyton Beach, Florida?

A bodily injury claim is any claim that involves pain and suffering after an accident takes place. However, a person can only file such a claim if the injuries they sustained are not their own fault. If the other party is mostly to blame, then there are significant chances that a person may be able to file a legitimate claim; especially if they have an attorney by their side.

Connecting with an attorney will give a person many benefits including the security of ensuring all deadlines are filed and no legal lines are crossed during the claim process. Following bodily injury claim best practices and reacting in a timely manner can significantly increase one’s chances of having their claim considered and approved.

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