Iowa City, IA – Some accidents result in injuries that can change a person’s life. Injuries to the brain are especially dangerous because head trauma has been associated with a number of long term problems. Individuals who have sustained a permanent injury or developed long term health problems because of their accident can seek legal assistance to help pay for treatment associated with these issues. 

Brain injuries and quality of life issues

Sudden impacts during a motor vehicle accident and other common types of injuries may deliver a blow to the head. While the victim can experience bleeding on the surface of their skin and lose consciousness for a short period of time after the collision, long term impacts of brain injuries are usually much worse. 

Traumatic brain injuries have been known to affect memory, planning skills, and related forms of cognition. This can affect the victim’s ability to learn new skills as well due to an inability to understand the consequences of their actions. Less serious concussions can also cause insomnia, mood swings, and irritability in the short term. Many of the problems with thinking and memory are actually because of brain inflammation and white matter damage that occurs immediately after the trauma and impact to the head area. Because of the seriousness of these types of injuries, helmets for motorcyclists, athletes in certain sports, and various other safety features have been developed with the intention of minimizing impact to the brain

Health problems and damages

Detriments to a person’s quality of life can be quantified in ways that are not necessarily tied to healthcare costs and medical bills. When an injury attorney argues for non-economic damages related to emotional pain and suffering, these types of damages are a way of paying the victim for physical and emotional pain, as well as related psychological problems. Non-economic damages can be difficult to estimate so it is best for victims to talk to their lawyer about the potential value of all of their problems and losses. 

Economic damages are also available for tangible losses that are tied to an injury. The costs of medical care, property repairs, lost income and wages, and other losses can be demonstrated through various kinds of bills, invoices, and pay statements. The victim’s lawyer will argue that all of these financial issues are the responsibility of the defendant. 

Legal assistance is available to Iowa residents

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