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Satisfying our basic needs as peoplekeeps us constantly on the go, which at times puts in harm’s way. An accident, by definition, is an unintentional event that can cause personal injury or damage to property. Automobile accidents are the most common and the leading cause of physical injuries and death. There are many ways in which an individual can be accidentally injured; we can be harmed in our homes by the products we use or the medications we take, we can also slip and fall in the shops we frequent. Some injuries are mild, but others can be extremely debilitating and possibly result in death.
Suffering from an injury involves doctor’s visits and if serious enough missing time from work. The injured can take months to recover, gathering a great deal of debt. The financial devastation of an accidental injury can make the recovery process take longer because of the emotional stress. People who are accidentally injured deserve compensation from the negligent party. Any injured person who feels they should be repaid for the damages caused by an accident must file with their district’s civil court. Each province imposes a time limit on when accidental cases can be filed with the court; this is called the Limitations Act. In the British Columbia province, the Limitations Act requires an accidental injury claim must be filed within two years of the incident.
The civil court can be utilized to request the negligent party pay for the damages their carelessness has caused another. To begin the process of an accident suit you must file a civil claim document with the within time allotted by the courts; called the Limitations Act. In the province of Alberta you have two years from the accident date to file a civil claim; this may vary from province to province. Once a Statement of Claim has been filed the accused party will be given the opportunity to respond through a Statement of Defense.
With the courts approval the civil claim can enter into litigation. Before a trial date can be set the judicial system will explore different options for claim resolution. Many accused parties may decide to settle the claim if they have been proven to be negligent. Other cases are settled through mediation or pre-trial conferences both are more informal than court proceedings. Mediation is a process of discussion and compromise between the two parties and a neutral third party. Pre- trial conferences are similar to mediation, but are directed by a judge. When pre-trial methods aren’t satisfactory the accident will go to court for trial.
During legal procedures a British Columbia Accident Lawyer is fundamental to recovering the losses of accidental injury or death. The life shattering experience of an accident won’t be so devastating with the help of a British Columbia Accident Attorney. The judicial system is intended to award the injured what they deserve for their suffering. With a British Columbia Accident Lawyer you can be sure just compensation will be awarded.

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