Automobile collisions lead to a lot of more than just accumulated bills and loss of property. After most serious car accidents, the drivers and passengers will usually face personal injuries, and these injuries can sometimes result in permanent harm to the person.

The most common injuries that are often reported after a car accident include:

  • Lacerations
  • Punctures
  • Cuts
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Crushed bones
  • Injured internal organs
  • Brain damage
  • concussions

During an accident, a person can be hurt by almost anything that is inside the vehicle. Broken glass, or even cell phones and coffee mugs can cause a person to face serious harm. If a person was not entirely at fault for the collision, they may be entitled to receive compensation for the harm they suffered. They can receive a settlement for their current and future medical bills, any physical therapy required for their recovery, and they can even claim to be compensated for the pain they suffered.

A person can further claim their other losses caused by their injuries, such as loss of a career due to permanent loss of bodily function or for any wages they lost during their recovery period.

What evidence is required to prove the losses suffered?

To prove that a person deserves to be compensated, there are a few pieces of evidence which they should collect to make their case as strong as possible and to convince the insurer and the court that they truly need financial compensation to help them cover their losses.

One of the strongest pieces of evidence includes witness testimonies, photos of the collision, and medical bills. A letter from one’s medical practitioner is also weighed with importance when the validity of one’s claim is being evaluated. Other evidence includes insurance reports, police reports, and accident reconstruction by professionals.

Even if a person was partially at fault for causing the accident, they can still receive a settlement for any harm they may have suffered since New York follows the laws of comparative negligence when car accidents are concerned.

An accident lawyer can aid a driver through the entire legal process that will result after a collision. If a person hires legal help from the beginning of their case, they can greatly improve their chances to receive a fair amount of compensation in a smaller period. When a person tries to make a claim on their own, they may miss legal steps and end up prolonging the time for them to receive their final settlement in their account. They may also miss out on important details, leaving them with even less compensation then they deserve.