After a collision occurs on the roads of New York, the first priority for all the drivers involved is to make sure that they are safe and that their health is in good order. Once that has been ascertained they can move on to determining how much damage was caused, and most importantly, who caused the accident.  Any driver who suffered any form of loss or damage due to the accident deserves to be compensated.
It is important to note that New York follows a No-Fault insurance system. This means that no matter who was at fault for the accident, a person will first turn to their own insurance company to cover the damages instead of asking for compensation from the other driver. Drivers are required by New York law to carry at least $50,000 of Personal Injury Protection from their insurance carriers in the case of an accident.
The reason why a No-Fault system is so effective is because of how much time it saves and how much more quickly individuals can be compensated since there is no settlement procedure required with the other driver who was involved in the accident. However, a person will still have to collect pieces of evidence to present to their own insurance company to prove to them how much they suffered due to the collision.
If a person is still unable to cover their injuries even after their PIP, they do have the option of pursuing legal action against the other driver. These cases have more chances of winning if a person suffered a very serious injury and if the other driver had been behaving recklessly on the road.
An accident lawyer in Brooklyn, New York can help a person collect the right evidence and communicate it to the insurance company. Insurance claims often take much longer than they need to because of missing documentation and failure of the insured individual to follow the appropriate legal protocol when communicating with the insurer. Having a legal professional by one’s side nullifies the chances of these types of errors from occurring and can lead to a person getting their money a lot faster than they would have if they did not have the help of a lawyer.

Will I be covered for any wages I lose due to my injury?

In most cases, individuals will be at least partially covered for any of their lost wages which they suffer because of an injury they received in the accident. It is vital that a person mentions all of their damages in their correspondence with the insurer the first time they submit their application, otherwise the insurer may not be so responsive.
Having a legal professional assist a person with their insurance application is the best route to pursue for those individuals who are hoping to be compensated fully for all of their losses. Living with a serious personal injury is hard enough on its own, having to deal with the legalities after the accident should be left to the professionals so a person can rest and focus on recovering.