In many accidents involving those who failed to wear a seatbelt, serious and life-thrreatning injuries are almost always present,
While we know that distracted driving and cellphone usage is one of leading causes of fatal auto accidents, the number one reason why so many motorists die in vehicle crashes is because they aren’t wearing their seatbelt. Although it doesn’t seem that difficult to strap the buckle up and around you, for many, it just isn’t a priority when they step foot in their car. Sadly, teens and adults both suffer from accidents with much harsher and serious injuries all because they elected to not wear a seatbelt.
If you, a friend, or a family member was severely injured in an accident in Louisiana, USAttorneys will gladly help you find a local accident attorney in Lafayette should you need legal advice or guidance with getting your claim filed or recovering funds for the damages you are struggling from.

Two passengers in Louisiana killed in a crash where seatbelts weren’t being worn

Just a few days ago, Louisiana State Troopers were called to the scene of an accident that occurred around 2:00 p.m. in Rapides Parish near the intersection of La. 107 and La. 3128. According to, one of the drivers involved in the accident was traveling northbound on LA Hwy 107 but then suddenly the driver of the vehicle lost control and crossed into the southbound lane. As a result, the driver collided head on with another vehicle. The driver of the northbound vehicle wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and did sustain injuries. The driver of the other vehicle also suffered from moderate injuries, however, there were two passengers who didn’t survive the accident. Taylor C. Basco, 18, and Tyler S. Deville, 22, suffered serious injuries and both couldn’t pull through from the accident.
Louisiana State Police remind citizens that wearing your seatbelt can “dramatically reduce your chance of being injured or killed in a crash.” State troopers have already investigated 11 fatal crashes so far in 2017 of which fifteen individuals were killed.

Why is not wearing a seatbelt such an issue?

Aside from the fact that it is a state law in Louisiana to wear a seatbelt, there are many reasons why drivers and those riding inside a vehicle must wear a seatbelt. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

  • Seat belts reduce severe crash-related injuries and deaths by about half.
  • In 2014, seat belts saved 12,802 lives.
  • Although air bags are placed inside vehicles to serve as protection, they are not to be misconstrued as a substitute for a seatbelt. Air bags work in conjunction with a safety restraint belt to help increase the chance of a car accident victim surviving an accident.


Hiring an accident lawyer in Lafayette, LA after sustaining injuries in an accident

For those who manage to survive a crash or any other type of accident, it is important your rights are exercised and you receive any compensation you may be entitled to. Whether you have been forced out of work or are required to seek medical attention on a continual basis, you should be able to recover compensation and a Louisiana accident attorney is the professional who can help you do it.

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