Bus Hops Curb and Strikes Pittsburgh War Memorial

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Pittsburgh, PA – On a recent afternoon, a Port Authority bus jumped a curb and struck a Pittsburgh war memorial.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the accident knocked a historic cannon off its anchor, causing it to make a new home in the front side window of the bus. While none of the bus passengers were hurt, some of the people in the vehicles it struck reported sustaining injuries.

One of the passengers on the bus, Albert Theobald, age 34, was sitting two seats directly behind where the cannon crashed through the window. He said that he avoided getting hurt by immediately crouching on the floor and going into survival mode.

While the accident is currently still under investigation, passengers said that the bus driver was pretty shaken up over the incident. Despite slamming on the brakes in an attempt to stop the bus from hitting anything, the driver still lost control. Passengers who witnessed the entire event shared that the steering appeared to lock up, and that they immediately knew she wouldn’t make the turn in time to avoid a crash.

ABC News published that the bus first went through a fence that was around the Pittsburgh war memorial. It then proceeded to run right over yet another fence before finally coming to a stop against a wall and part of the railing in front of a local dance studio.

Passenger of the bus, Larry Cooper, age 71, said there were several loud crashing noises throughout the whole ordeal, and that there was glass all over the place once the accident was over.

As far as the cannon is concerned, locals say it will be missed. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette further reports that residents of the Pittsburgh neighborhood grew up visiting the war memorial. It was considered to be a centerpiece of the community, with one lifetime resident, Clint Burton, sharing that the neighborhood considered the day of the accident to be a pretty sad one.

Burton explained that the cannon was initially installed at the Pittsburgh war memorial in 1946 and was used in World War I. According to him, the cannon did not look to be too badly damaged in any of the photos he saw from the accident. He believes with a little bit of love and care it could be restored and eventually returned to the it’s home at the memorial.

While everyone who was involved in the recent Pittsburgh bus accident came out relatively unscathed, that is not always the case. If you suffer from injuries and don’t know where to begin dealing with the aftermath of your accident, know that you are not alone.

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